At least 191,369 people killed in Syria through April 2014 – UN

The UN human rights office said on Friday that at least 191,369 people have been killed in Syria’s conflict through April. This is more than double the figure documented a year ago and probably still an under-estimate, Reuters said. The UN report is based on cross-checked data from four groups and the government, according to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. An additional 51,953 reported killings lacked sufficient information and were excluded from the analysis.

Now, with ISIS cutting heads of and rolling back everything we accomplished in Iraq, it appears as though we are going to change sides.


Ain’t it nice?


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Russia pushes?

With the Chinese buzzing one of our P8 (observation/anti-submarine) planes near Japan this week, one would almost think this is a conspiracy.  Especially in light of the fact that the Kenyan appointed a full Admiral (Samuel Locklear) to serve as a gofer to liaison with the Chinese.  Just to play nice (and kiss their asses) with them. To let them know that under no circumstances will the United States do anything to thwart their efforts in the South China Sea.  After all, they do own us, you know? 

It appears as though neither China nor Russia want anything to do with the African Community Organizer of ours.

A Russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid for Ukraine enters border crossing point Donetsk for customs control, in Russia's Rostov Region, August 20, 2014. (Reuters / Alexander Demianchuk)

In spite of Ukraine, the EU, and NATO warnings, the Russians are moving their supposed relief (aid) to the separatists.  Take that Mr. Kenyan!

The price we pay for being African might be about to go up. The price we are already paying for not having a foreign policy might soon be more than we can afford.

They (Russia, China, and friends) are surely trying to make a point.  Do you suppose they know something our Democrat voters don’t? 

In a few minutes Fox, CNN, NBC, and the rest of the culprits will have the story up for you to read.  Then, maybe (just maybe) we can have something else to talk about other than blacks rioting and acting thuggish in Missouri. 

Yeah, those same damned voters. 

You might not care right now, but you will be reading about it all weekend.  Probably beginning on Sunday.

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President Africa

Barack Hussein Obama, African national, said today that his religion, the Religion of Peace,  the religion that has given the world so much, could not have done what it just did.

A photo taken on Sept. 29, 2011 of freelance journalist James Foley at an airport in Libya. (credit: ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images)

As with his last public statements, Obama followed a brief speech with a round of golf, according to a White House pool report.

Beheaded: James Wright Foley in a grab taken from YouTube and posted online by ISIS

Meanwhile, we will be going back into Iraq, and his attorney general (spelled with no caps) is in Ferguson, MO to see what discord he can stir up there.

But!  “Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive” 

What do you have planned to occupy your leisure time this afternoon?


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Slaughter a Muslim?

Is this the price of no foreign policy?

Is it yet time to send all Muslims to hell? 

Is it time to send them to their master, Mr. Satan?  To dwell with their pedophile savior, Mohammad. 

Back to the place from which they came?

Don’t forget the “blood tofu” to send them out in style. 

The Kenyan is also wrong about another thing.  When he said, “ISIL speaks for no religion”, there is obviously one.  The dead-end religion of lies, deceit (misspeak), dishonor, and death. 

Eternal death. 

Do we really want to go down the path that Europe has taken?


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Good riddance


Former Vermont Sen. James Jeffords dies at 80 | Politics - WCVB Home

James M. Jeffords, Senator,  New Hampshire – Dead


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Flowing downhill

No Cops?

Well, it seems as though Eric (the Racist) Holder holds much more sway than one would think.  Even among white cops, who are scared that he might pull their toys from them. 

Ferguson, MO. We Are Seeing A ‘Civilian Force As Well Equipped And ...

After all, everybody knows that all the military equipment was meant to be used against WHITE people.  White men, women, and children. 

Now that Holder has issued a public warning to them regarding the use of said equipment against BLACK looters, the shit is flowing downhill. 

Just look what those so-called peace officers have decided to do in response.  It’s called…


Now, when two or three store owners, or worse yet (oh my God!) ten or so black looters are killed, it will be white America’s fault. 

The Patriot crowd can skewer me all they want for saying it, but (when Holder and his buddies crash this economy) this is what they will get when they, knowingly, climb into a foxhole with a black.  When they insist on inviting them into their inner sanctums.  Remember what you are seeing now with your own eyes.  For nothing will change when the SHTF.   It will only be worse.  The Patriots who invite them in, will pay dearly for their own pre-programed and egocentric mindsets. 

On top of all of our other ills, the coming conflict will involve a race war as well.  The Kenyan & Co. have been working too hard for that to not happen.  And, as we’ve seen, the blacks from Africa will gladly accommodate him.

Thank you, but ‘No thanks’.  They (Africans) will be on their own when the SHTF. 


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A Democrat?

You can bet the farm on it!

I remember when her office took great joy in targeting a famous (former) House leader, known as the Hammer.


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Mowed the yard today…




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Some of what I’ve been up to.  The best thing is that this is 1/2″ wall thickness. 

36″ OD, and weighs a ton.

People are going to need these things.  We’ve got a lot of pigs to smoke.




Now, to sell it and start on the next one.  One that I’ll be keeping for myself.


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Speaking of France…



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