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Don’t forget

Check out what’s underneath the Buford Pusser photo on the side bar to find out what type of person Courtland Grojean is.  It may serve as a reminder to all who followed him.


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Is This The End?

George Patton says it all.


Is this the end?

Lots of excitement the past few days.  It would be easy to sit back, claim some sort of victory and move on.

Lots of folks claiming that it’s the end of the Kerodins in the III movement, while others are claiming that it’s the end of the III movement. The former probably isn’t true, and the latter certainly doesn’t have to be true.

This blog began because of rumors and insinuations of misdeeds over at the Kerodin camp.  The Kerodins could have addressed these early on.  We are all forgiving folks, and the “mistakes were made” defense works well in our society.  Heck, they could have ignored them.

But instead they went on the attack.  Not in defense of their efforts, but to go after the credibility and very life blood of those who dared to question them.

Well, the court of III opinion has met…

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So now it ends

I had to quit reading their blogs.  (WSRA, MDT, GA, et al.)

As some of you may remember, many of the same people ostracized me for daring to take him (Courtland Grojean) on. 


Who is Courtland Grojean, And Why Should You Care?

So now it is finished.

And, yes.  I do accept their apologies.

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