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“The Government’s first job is to make sure that its people have more, and larger (when taken in the aggregate) enemies than the Government.”


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Sit on it Barry

Jihad this


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This deal between Faux News and Dish reminds me of a script from Dallas, the TV show of the 70’s. Remember story lines that read like this? (read it all)

Kristin Shepard was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico by her mother, Patricia, along with her older sister, Sue Ellen. After Kristin’s father died, Patricia insisted that her daughters make their way in life by marrying rich husbands. Sue Ellen became a Texas beauty queen and married J.R. Ewing, the son of the rich and powerful Ewings of Dallas, Texas. Years later, Kristin, who was a college student, became envious of Sue Ellen’s lifestyle and decided to make her own way in Dallas. Kristin got a temporary job at Ewing Oil as J.R.’s secretary. She soon blackmailed her sister’s husband into an affair. Kristin had thoughts of becoming J.R.’s next wife and even helped J.R. end his troubled marriage to Sue Ellen, by convincing his family that Sue Ellen, a recovering alcoholic, had fallen off the wagon again, in order for J.R. to institutionalize Sue Ellen again and get her out of the way. However, Kristin soon discovered that J.R. had no intentions of marrying her when he threatened her to leave town or else. Kristin vowed revenge and did so by shooting J.R. in his office three times and then trying to frame her own sister, Sue Ellen, who was drunk at the time of the shooting. When the truth came out, Kristin escaped jail by revealing that she was pregant with J.R.’s child, so J.R. and Sue Ellen sent her off to live in California without pressing charges for the shooting. While in California, Kristin met up with J.R.’s brother, Gary, and Gary’s wife, Val, and their neighbors. Eventually, Kristin returned to Dallas after she gave birth to a son Christopher, whom she claimed was J.R.’s. After trying to blackmail J.R. into more hush money for their baby, Kristin was found floating dead in the Southfork swimming pool by Cliff Barnes. However, J.R., who was seen standing over a broken balcony railing at the time of Kristin’s death, was relieved of any charges in her death when her death was ruled an accident by the coroner, who found that Kristin was high on drugs and accidentally ran off the balcony to her own death. Kristin’s child, Christopher, was eventually adopted by J.R.’s younger brother, Bobby, and his wife, Pamela. While Bobby believed that J.R. was Christopher’s father, he eventually learned that Kristin had actually miscarried J.R.’s child and that Christopher was the product of Kristin’s marriage in California to Jeff Farraday, who was the one who initially sold the baby to Bobby for money.

Doesn’t that make you just miss this in your life? It’s no wonder we all stayed drunk back then!

With TV like that, who wouldn’t? 

With TV like this, who won’t?

Thanks, Fox.
Thanks, Dish.


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The answer

The parent must take control when dealing with an out-of-control entitled Black man.  It’s called:

Line Item Sequester

It’s the only (viable) means left to our cowardly (and new) Republican Congress.  They are both like out-of-control children.

You think about it…

Line Item Sequester

Then tell me why it wouldn’t work.  Then tell me why, out of 325 million people, that I am the only one to mention this.


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Light posting

I apologize for not getting more up on the site lately.  We have a member of the household going through chemo treatments these days and it’s starting to take its effect on them.  It’s not me.  I wish it were…

I will try to get going again soon.


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Liar 2

Liar 3

Liar 4

Liar 5

Liar 7

Liar 8


You tell me…


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Cruz at home

I received this one just today.  He looks like he’s losing weight.  But then… with his current schedule and the State of the Union, is it any wonder?  They said that he gave one hell of a talk.  According to Cruz, it is time for the people to move.  We have to take back the Senate this next election or we really will be in big trouble.


Jamie and I went to hear Sen. Cruz last night at a dinner.  He was great and I am proud that he hails from Texas.

It was an honor to see the Senator in person and be able to shake his hand.
He is truly a Great American.  His speech below (YouTube Link) is really good.  I hope you take the time to listen to it in its entirety

God Bless America


EPIC SPEECH: Ted Cruz vs. 49 Senate Democrats Who Voted to Repeal the First Amendment
September 10, 2014

Senator Ted Cruz issued an epic challenge and debate to the 49 Democrats in the U.S. Senate who have voted to gut the American free-speech provision of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The Democrat-proposed S.J. Res. 19, would change the First Amendment, giving politicians the ability to determine whatever they feel are “reasonable” limits on free speech, rather than the current First Amendment that completely disallows that power by stating that “Congress shall make no law prohibiting” free speech or the establishment and practice of religion.

Cruz began his well-articulated argument by highlighting some of the current crisis-level events occurring in both the United States, and around the globe, that Democrats are ignoring because of their obsession to spend their time, energy and focus on taking away the time-honored and uniquely American right, established by our Founding Fathers, of being able to criticize our own government without fear of retribution.

Cruz began his introduction:
At a time of extraordinary challenges across the globe and here at home, we are not gathered in the United States Senate to discuss how to confront the threat if ISIS.

We’re not gathered in the United States Senate to discuss how to prevent Putin’s Russia from invading his neighbors.

We’re not gathered in the United States Senate today to discuss how to solve the humanitarian crisis at the border with some 90,000 unaccompanied children coming into the country this year.

We’re not gathered in the United States Senate today to discuss how to bring back jobs and economic growth; How to correct the fact that the Obama economy has produced the lowest labor force participation since 1978–92 million Americans not working today.

And we’re not gathered in the United States Senate to discuss how to stop the disaster that has been Obamacare, that has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, to be forced into part-time work, to lose their health insurance, to lose their doctors, and to see their premiums skyrocket.

“Instead,” Senator Cruz points out, the U.S. Senate was gathered on Tuesday, not to deal with those pressing issues, but because of a very different topic:
“The majority leader, and the Democratic [Party] majority in this Senate have determined that the most important priority this Senate has, which we are spending the entire week addressing, is the proposal of 49 Democrats to repeal the free speech provisions of the First Amendment.”

The new First Amendment that 49 Democrats agreed upon, is so egregiously ill-conceived that even the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), considered a far-left organization and certainly no friend of conservatives or Ted Cruz, sent Cruz a letter thanking him for standing up against this anti-free speech provision with Democrat Party support.

Cruz asked the 49 Democrats, as he has before with no response, if Congress should have the constitutional authority to ban books, movies, and prohibit left-wing groups like the NAACP from speaking?

While is sounds like absurd questions in what is supposed to be the “land of the free,” Democrats, thus far, have refused to answer the question, only choosing to dismiss them by stating that it is not their “intention” to take those kind of USSR-like tactics at this time.

“Now, I posed these questions in the Constitution subcommittee. When I posed them of the committee, the chairman of the committee [Democrat] Senator [Dick] Durbin gaveled the hearing shut, because he could not answer those questions,” Cruz reminded.


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Another source

You may already know about this one, but check it out if you haven’t.




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Has Gold bottomed out yet?

A 6+% correction (see below) is probably not the end of the slide (adjustment).

Gold 30day

Still…  This is not a bad time to load up.  If you can.  If not, take a look at Silver.

We don’t have long before you will be kicking yourself for not having moved on this.  How low will it go?  Perhaps as much as 8-10% from July highs.

Not bad when you think that the markets (when they adjust) will correct as much as three times that rate.  When things totally collapse, it could be at 70% (drop) or more.  You still should have time.  But not much.  Keep an eye on this.


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