A thang about Tyranny

What difference does it make whether we have one Tyrant 3,000 miles away, or 3,000 Tyrants one mile away?

Vote all you want.

They win.

You lose.

Get it yet?

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Spike’s Tactical in Apopka, FL etched its new $1,395 AR-15 with a Bible verse that says,

“Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle”

Crusader gun.jpg

Ben Thomas, a former Navy SEAL, said the scripture is something of an insurance policy to keep it out of the hands of muslims (aka: terrorists).

Etched on the other is a symbol of a cross that dates from the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

I bet the cross will be what keeps the animals from touching these weapons.

more here.

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Where I go…

This is where I go when I begin looking.  If you don’t already have this link, maybe you can use it too.  Complete with filters.  Learn how to use them.

Good for current price comparisons and availability.

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American Way of Life

…or “How to Fleece the System”.

New American

Yet, we see so-called self-anointed Patriots continue, without conscience, to fleece other people.  Good people.  Is there really any difference between those in the article (above) and those who do this to other unsuspecting (sometimes gullible) people?

We have a long, long way to go.


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From the Border?

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Sleeping with the fleas…

(And no, comments aren’t being allowed. This won’t be edited after the post date (August 25th 2015), and can’t be edited after it’s made public. This is information, not a public debate. Use it as you will, mirror it if you need to. Archive it as you feel necessary. I know “I” already have. Several others have had access to the information contained herein, but none have had the ability to change or edit it. This is my version, and mine alone.)

Don’t worry.  The .03% Patriot man won’t do a thing.  But threaten & scream.  I’ve heard it all from this schlemiel.  Not much of a man, no?  And to think that people (innocent people) fell for his BS.

I am sorry this has had to take place.  You all should have known. When you joined him in attacking me, you should have known.  Known what?

If you sleep with the fleas, you will get bit.


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Sacred Honor?

Don’t make me laugh.

While an Appeals Court in the District of Columbia just upheld the dismantling of our Constitution, it appears as though the taxpayer (you and me) get to fund crap like this.

How much did it cost us just to pay for this?  Be sure to watch it all.  You’ll surely enjoy it.  The NSA is making fun of you, while they brainwash your own children.

First our Constitution, and now our hard earned money.  Our Fortunes.  The same Fortunes our forefathers pledged in defense of their Liberties.  And we don’t even lift a finger. 

We gave up our Sacred Honor years ago.  The only thing left for them to take is our Lives.  Pleasant dreams, America.  Enjoy the nightmare to come.


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Dallas Cowgirls

Not to pick just on the Washington Bunny Rabbits, but being a ‘day one’ Cowboy fan, I just couldn’t resist.  Jones & family have killed the franchise.

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Name Change?

With their PC driven moniker ready (for this season’s kick off), are the Washington Bunny Rabbits primed to live up to the new name?

It is in that spirit that I post the following:


Now if we can only get the RINO’s of the GOP a new name that fits them.

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The Story

Keep telling people that Texas still has dirt streets and roads.  That people still ride in covered wagons.

Perhaps that will be enough to get them to stay away.

This will go a long way in convincing them.


If that doesn’t work, remind them that it gets over 105 degrees on a daily basis.  In the shade!


In the winter time!


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