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Some actions needed.

Oops, another one!

I might find my own war to travel (a shorter distance) to. It appears as though NV is not the only hot spot in the nation.  The same BLM is up to similar things right here in Texas. This must stop!

The Red River is the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma…or is it?

Byers, Texas along the Red River — The BLM stole 140 acres of the Tommy Henderson ranch thirty years ago. They took his land and paid him absolutely nothing. He sued and lost. Now the BLM is using that court case as precedent to do it again. The problem is, the land they want to seize is property that ranchers have a deed for and have paid taxes on for over a hundred years.
The BLM claims that about 90,000 acres (116 miles along the Red River) have never belonged to

Texas in the first place. They will seize the land and it will seriously change the boundaries between the two states.

Avulsion verses Accretion

Since 1803 when the Louisiana Purchase was completed, there has been a controversy over the boundary between Oklahoma and Texas.  The boundary is supposed to be the vegetation line on the south side of the Red River. But the River has moved over time.  The problem is the definition of that boundary line – Oklahoma and Texas each use different semantics to define it.  And the BLM is finding ways to use the disputed words to give them the ability to seize the land.

According to the BLM, the Red River is always Accretion (gradual accumulation of sediment) to the south, and always Avulsion (rapid formation of a new river channel) to the north.  So according to the BLM, the boundary only moves one direction, never in the direction that favors the ranchers. They are looking to re-draw the entire portion of the Red River boundary.  That includes 90,000 acres of land along a 116 mile stretch of the river.

“BLM officials believe they have a responsibility to manage land they believe is federal which includes an estimated 90,000 acres along 116 miles of the Red River. If land is found to be public, BLM officials say they have three options: leave the land open, closed, or open with limitations.” January 2014

Public input ignored?

Land that has been in the families of ranchers is to be seized as “public lands” that would be subject to fees or blocked off entirely from rancher’s use. Or in some cases, moving the boundary line over to Oklahoma, where Texas ranchers can lose their rights to the lands that they have owned for more than a century. The BLM had open meetings back in January to “take input” from the public …but they are moving forward with their plan to seize the land anyway.  There was likely never any intention of actually listening to the rancher’s stand.

The taking of property from land owners, the stealing of cattle, all of these things are apparently the modus operandi of the Bureau of Land Management.  There are no tortoises involved in this incident, just land-grabbing feds who are intent to take away the property of ranchers that have owned it for hundreds of years.  Will it come to armed confrontation as is occurring in Nevada? 

We don’t know.

Red River

Open grazing of cattle has always been a common law right in America.  It is time for the American people to rise up against the theft of private lands and property by a government that is out of control.  Ranchers need to contact Texas Representative Mac Thornberry for assistance.  We will monitor this situation as it progresses.

Read more here.


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Sermon on the Mount

Another good book.  By Emmet Fox.  Just a little deeper than Atlas Shrugged. 

Was there more to that Sermon than you’ve ever heard?  I am not a T.L. Davis, nor am I particularly religious, but Fox has some things in his book that we all should be aware of before we get into the mess we are so worried about.

While it is good for everyone to read and understand the laws as laid out by Fox, there is one Law, in particular, that we must understand, and while every man should be aware of it, I put it here specifically for those who are the deceivers among us.  Those who would mislead men into thinking that they (the deceivers) have all of the answers to survival.  Even a Godless survival.

Product Details

If you are misleading people.  If you are employed by the FedGov to sow discord among the Patriot movement.  If you must find it in your nature to clan people up against other Patriots through insults and crass language.  (putting your IQ on display)  If you already have your own personal little escape plan arranged.  You need to read this.  If shit is happening to you, you should read this.  For you will find that all of your best plans might result only in your own demise, and most likely that of your family as well.  More importantly, you will find out all about the ‘why’.

Chapter 5 is most interesting and perhaps (just perhaps) those killer ex-SF, self-appointed militia bad ass leaders, should take a peek.  The small minded, foul mouthed, breathers.  Breeders of turmoil, bitterness, fear, hate, and self-pity should take the time to learn a little about the ‘Great Law’.

Not the U.S. Constitution, but the ‘Great Law’.  The ‘Law of Retribution’. 

From the government troll who disguises himself under the mask of a Patriot, to those who would be among the first to encourage people for when the SHTF, only to be among the first to depart the country for greener pastures.  Those are the ones who should take a look at the “Great Law”.   Perhaps (just perhaps) they will then begin to understand why shit is always happening to them.  Bad shit. 

Don’t worry, if it doesn’t get you now.  It waits.  If it doesn’t get you, it will get your children, or even your grandchildren.  But once it’s set into motion, it always gets you.  And it’s progressive.  The degree, grows with time.  It’s all just part of God’s nature.  The same ‘Nature’ that our founders understood so well, but that we have forgotten.

Fox lays it out in terms that even morons can grasp.  So I know that even if you’re one of those who moniker using (soiling) the names of great Revolutionary or Northern Aggression War leaders, that you will be able to comprehend it.

Government minions and employees are especially encouraged to read this book.  For they are setting into motion a force they can hardly dare to live with.  It doesn’t get more personal, and you ain’t nearly as bad as you think.  As you would have (like) others think of you.

Yes, weapons, knowledge, tactics, comms, food, water, caches, and so much more are all important.  But ask yourself what type of survival you want.  What kind of society you plan.  What sort of life will your family (assuming they do survive) enjoy.  Will it be a Godless one?  One that pits you in constant fear of the Great Law? 

But, I digress.  What will it gain us if we remain in constant personal turmoil, in a land of perpetual pain? 

This next Revolution should be one of life, not death.


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International diplomacy

Is dead. 

At least in Syria it is.  Read here.

The Free Syrian Army and the people of Syria don’t want the U.N. They don’t want Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, or Iranian thugs, interfering with their future lives.  They’ve had enough (social engineering) tampering.  Internationalism is dead in Syria.  So sorry… Mr. Moon.  Chop chop.   This is the best the elite can do?  To invite the wolf to sit down at the table when the spoils shall be divided?  

This goes along with the previous post.  People are not going to continue to put up with the Internationalists.  The elite.  The perverted swindlers.  The United Nations, or (for that matter) any tyrannical government.

People are going to resist them.  They are resisting.  If the uber rich continue along these lines, eventually the people will go right up to their private islands and kill them all.  Their body guards, and their families.  Even their armies.  (unless those armies smell the roses and begin to turn on their previous masters)   The Kenyan had better realize that he’s on the wrong side of history, and there may be no going back.  He almost set us up in another unjust war.  A war based on lies that would have further drained our treasury and blood, and left Iran in control of the region.  A war that could have brought us face to face with our Russian counterparts.  All based on lies.  All at the behest of Arabian overlords, working in conjunction with our European (elites) masters.

We may have already past the stage when conflicts will be avoided by International diplomacy, which protects and favors only the elites of Europe.  We may well already be past the time when conflicts will be settled without the costs of war.   Wars that may clumsily have already been arranged by these very same idiots.  Just like WWI and WWII, history repeats itself.  So-called International diplomacy was, as it is today, ever present.  It always is.  At the very epicenter.

All diplomacy should be conducted on regional basis’ only.  Nationalism is alive and well, and growing.

Go home Mr. Moon.  Go home Iran.  Let us help the Syrians to free themselves.  It’s time to declare. 

And we’d better declare correctly. 

Then let us turn our attention to the homeland.  In a serious and meaningful sense.   Lest we repeat our own history.

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NSA phone surveillance legal

N.Y. judge

Ah, New York.  Again…

That State has been a thorn in the side of America since its founding.   Now, one of their so-called Judges is ripping apart another piece of our Constitution.  Our rights to privacy.  When will they learn that legislating from the bench is not law?  That their ‘mandates’ hold no sway on American citizens?  

This is just another reason why this is not going to turn out well for anyone.

That might be why Florida is now replacing that ‘immigrant collection cesspool’ in population?  The downside of this is that many who are fleeing that place are ruining their new homes.  Florida is becoming a cesspool in its own right.  Discourage those people from moving into your States.

Refuse:  Refuse acceptance of these mandates.  Refuse to comply (resist) with the enforcement of them.  


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Taxpayer Xmas

Millions to lose jobless benefits

Merry Xmas to all!

Well, at least we’re putting something together that makes sense.

While the Kenyan and our fearless leaders are conspiring to bring in and legalize more Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Columbians, Venezuelans, Al Qaeda Guys, Chinese, and other various nations into this country to take jobs, bankrupt our hospitals, and drain our wealth, at least those who refuse to work will begin to wonder if that is/was a wise personal decision.  Maybe those Mexicans really are soaking up their last opportunities.  The last opportunities they may ever see in this life.  Maybe Junior will finally begin to feel Mommy and Daddy’s wrath.  Doubtful, but maybe…  See where your State ranks.

It is reported that our unemployment rate is dropping, when (in fact) many of these people just quit looking.  The pols really have things rolling downhill for them now.

With the changes in taxing coming up next year, the Kenyancare debacle, and our foreign policy (Herman Munster) woes, we can expect to see more and more people going off the deep end.  Giving TPTB little reason to begin false flag operations.  Expect riots, disappearances, and even possible martial law next year.  I would suggest a tax rebellion, but we might get that anyway, by default.  Most people just won’t be able to keep up.  Some will take matters into their own hands.  And the Government will just keep on rockin.  After all, with the Federal Reserve printing, the government doesn’t even need our tax dollars.  They can just print tax revenues!  Yeah, I know.  Those poor people will be hurt.  I’m sorry if you feel that way.  You’re gonna love what’s coming next. 

Buy another box this week.  Give yourself just one more little Xmas present.


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Oh, Virginia!

What have you gained?  What have you lost?

My ancestral home.  Before we migrated to South Caroline and Georgia.  Before the Revolution.

Walton ancestral home

You have never had a Governor like the one you just anointed.  What you did gain was a man who will not step in to stop any attempts by the almighty federal government to declare a martial law.  What you did not gain a man of good reputation, who will represent your interests.  You have not seen days like you are about to witness since Arnold sailed up the James River to take, and burn, Richmond.

And how did they do it? 

A major Democratic Party benefactor and Obama campaign bundler helped pay for professional petition circulators responsible for getting Virginia Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Robert C. Sarvis on the ballot — a move that could split conservative votes in a tight race.

So much for the don’t vote, or vote for the third party libertarian, philosophy.  But then, what do I know?


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Isn’t this Just… Capital?


Complaints have been filed with Egypt’s prosecutor-general calling for Malik Obama to be put on Egypt’s terror watch list and brought to Egypt to be questioned by state criminal investigators for allegedly financing terrorism, according to former PLO member and native Arabic-speaker Walid Shoebat.

Egypt’s Attorney General: Hisham Barakat

“Dr. Ahmed Nabil Ganzory, in his capacity as lawyer and agent for Dr. Sadik Rauf Obeid, and resident in the United States of America, filed a complaint with Egypt’s Attorney General Hisham Barakat, against Malik Obama, accusing him of supporting terrorism in Egypt and for his involvement in managing the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO). The complaint also asks to include Chancellor Tahani Al-Jebali to substantiate claims against Obama

Complaint No. 1761 for the year 2013 reported to the Attorney General asked the Egyptian High Court to consider the suspicious activity of a group called the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), which is owned and managed by Malik Obama. This group is now being investigated by international bodies and the attached evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that a close link exists between Malik Obama and some of the most notorious characters already wanted for their involvement in terrorism, as is consistent with the pictures and reports attached…

The complaint also asks the court to bring in Malik Obama – a resident of the United States – to be questioned in regards to the terrorist groups in Egypt, whether by inciting or participating with or in any form of support punishable by law. It seeks permission to declare Obama a defendant in his right outside Egypt diplomatically, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the case of non-appearance and compliance for the investigation, the complainant requests monitoring [Mr. Obama] by including his name on all Egyptian airports and ports, and take the necessary legal steps.”

As reported by prominent Egyptian newspaper Al-Wafd, another complaint was filed with Barakat against Malik Obama, this one by Sami Sabri. This complaint, however, includes identifying President Barack Obama as the conduit who facilitated Malik’s illegal financial gains resulting from raising monies in the U.S. that have been used to fund operations that support a terror network. The report stated that the complaint realizes that it will not result in bringing President Obama to face justice but that it will present the Egyptian people with the facts about the atrocities committed by the Muslim Brotherhood and how the Barack Obama (the Kenyan) administration has acted as the group’s facilitator and protector.


I don’t know about you, but this is so far out there that I would think that it qualifies our President for further examination by all federal authorities.  That every agency within our federal structure be tasked with the job of investigating the man for any associations, ties, membership, communications, alliances, and acts that he may have committed to at any time in the past.

This is more than just crossing the line.  It could very well result in treason.  Before we permit this man to commit one single American to harms way, we must be sure where his intentions lie.

Just what do you think would have happened if Churchill’s last name had been Hitler?  If Adolph proved to be his younger brother?  Is this, then, not the same thing?


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October Risks

Why we could see a cold, cold winter.  Just another couple of reasons.  Like we needed more.

In spite of the fact that consumer confidence, in Europe seems to have made somewhat of a comeback, there are two things that are looming.  One relates to banking, the other is political.  They are:


Troika is coming.  A review of Greece’s reform process is scheduled.  The European Central Banksters, International Monetary Fund and European P-Union – dubbed the Troika – are due to arrive in Athens sometime next month to assess the pace of reforms.

If they are dissatisfied with Prime Minister Samaras’ progress, “it could bring the question of a further debt restructuring back to the fore, and raise concerns over similar steps that proved necessary for Cyprus, and that ought to go over really good.

Athens already received a debt write-down of over 100 billion euros in 2012, the largest ever sovereign-debt haircut.  If a second attempt is made, fears of a spillover effect could lead to a spike in peripheral bond-yields, which have fallen recently due to positive growth data.

Get ready for more civil unrest.


October will also see a vote in Italy’s senate on the possible ban of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from public office, which some argue could pose a threat to the stability of the ruling coalition and revive national political turbulence following the formation of a new government in April.

.Italy could be in deep trouble, too!  The Italian Treasury sold 3 billion euros (3.9 billion dollars) of ten-year bonds on Monday morning, at 3.94 percent.  That compare with a yield of 4.66 percent it paid at an auction just one month ago.

If the government fails, look for even more civil unrest.

Tie in a bombing campaign in Syria, which will involve the French, and who know?  As that expands, which it certainly will, expect the contagion to begin affecting the North of Europe.  

Will this be the two things that ‘tip the scales’?  They certainly bear watching.

October is shaping up to be one interesting month.   Are you ready?


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Pursuit of Happiness

We are all Africans now.


On the hunch (and with great fear and trepidation 🙂 of course) that this will upset some of our friends in the Patriot movement, I decided to put this one up.  Just to remind us of the Injustice Department of Eric Holder. 

This man came to Texas, not Ohio, IL, IN, PA (or some other Communist bastion) to seek refuge.  And he is welcome.

But enough about racial issues.  The real reason for this post has nothing to do with the Patriot movement’s affinity for our black friends, nor of the injustice being done to this man at the hands of a progressive, illiterate, voting block.  It is alright with most (even among the Patriot community) that this man’s right to achieve happiness has been abolished.

Out of the Problem, into the Solution: 

Those same talking heads, who know so very little about their own nation, I fear would lead others in a direction we need not go.  To a fate, we need not endure.  Some understand so little of the nature of man, and neither do they have the ‘proper’ respect for the role of politics.  Most have no respect, at all, for politics.  Other than their own survival, most Patriots have no plan for the continuity of the nation.  In this sense, they are no different than the Progressives they fight and resist.

While I concede that there is most likely no peaceful way out for us at this stage in the economic drama playing out before us, it is likewise obvious that many (most) of these would-be ‘leaders’ do not have an adequate grasp of the situation that will ensue.  There appears to be a severe lack of time needed to address what options we will have, and what challenges we will face, beyond the conflict.  It must be due to a simple lack of time.  For to ascribe this to anything else would be to condemn this group of would-be leaders to the title of illiterate Village Idiots, alongside our Progressive friends. 

Will we be better off with a true anarchy?  Will the millennial sufferings our children, and their children, justify our sacrifices?  Will the total destruction of whole people’s (not to mention the hold that this will place on human advancement) be their ultimate, and only, accomplishment? 

Seems more like a lose/lose bargain to me. 

Everyone gets their equal share of loss, and rather than to get busy learning, the focus of these ‘leaders’ rarely goes beyond their understanding of gun rights, bug-out bags, and food storage.  The self-anointed think only of survival and weapons of destruction. Their own survival, of course.  And dream of the day they might lead an army against the tyrant or feed the needy.  It’s a happy ending.

While reading many of today’s sites, I see so little written to address what comes after survival is assured.  When the authors should be reaching out to those who already understand the things they are daft about, there appears to be no interest.  Instead of learning (on their own initiative), they only attempt to inspire others into their webs. 

And what of happiness, itself?  I suspect that most don’t have a clue.  Instead of trying to educate themselves in Nicomachean Ethics, or the Politics of Aristotle, they write of their own unhappiness.  A topic that should be foreign to all Americans.  Of happiness, itself, they seem to understand little.  For how can one claim to be deprived of a thing they cannot conceive?  Could it be, then, that the government some claim to despise has already succeeded in depriving them of this most basic right?  Not just of the right to happiness, but of the ability to enjoy this right even when they have achieved it.  Can it be that Americans, no matter what their status, have arrived at a stage where they can no longer be happy?  If that is the case, has the government not already won?  Are you still even capable of being happy?

Instead of reading Locke’s Second Treatise, or Jefferson’s Summary View (if only for proper use of our language), a few hold beer drinking get-togethers.  Instead of issuing a proclamation for the creation and support of a committee, established for the purpose of the dissection of our Constitution and its flaws with the intent of creating a more perfect Union, they bitch and encourage political retreat.

Forgive them, Father.  For they know not what they do. 

Instead of finding our next generation of thinkers, instead of beginning a think-tank of ideas, a few attempt to assume a role (for themselves, of course) that is not yet necessary.  Or possibly (?) even appropriate.  The political cannot lag behind the field, but must be respected and paralleled.  To commit to a course of arms alone would not only be contrary to what has been precedented by others throughout history, but run contrary to what is required.  We do not have a Continental Congress like our forefathers had.  We need one.  We do not have a parallel government, like Mexico does today.  We need one.  Delegates can be voted on from the various militia groups.  It’s a start.  They can then draft a petition.  (see Summary View of the Rights of British America)  Time is running out on us.

Instead of getting into the solution, too many remain in the problem.  It is obviously more fun for them this way.  And is this not becoming, for a few, their greatest source of happiness?


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The biggest industry in America


Surpassing Global Warming, Obamacare, and Alternative Energy.

It’s even surpassed the Prison Industry in Arkansas.

Spreading Fear has become the largest industry in the United States of America.

Senator, Sources: Terror Talk Beyond Anything Heard Since Before 9/11

While we run manufacturing out of the country, along with all of the decent paying jobs.  While we tax corporations into parking money outside our five mile limits.  This Government dream-come-true, has given our elected officials and bureaucrats unlimited powers.  Enabling them to dismantle every protection our founders gave up the lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for. 

Americans everywhere are now nothing more than chickens and sheep.  All are afraid to go to the video store, the grocery store, or even take a shit.  It is working!  It has worked.

The Government, at every level has spent more money in the past 10 years on this boogie-man called Terrorism than the entire computer industry generated during the Clinton years.  And that is what drove the entire economy and left him a positive balance sheet.  And terrorism is the gift that keeps on giving.  There is no end in sight. 

We need to roll back the HSA, TSA, and other Alphabet gangs.  Profile the shit out of immigrants and visa holders (visitors).  The American citizen is more than capable of taking care of himself.  We need to increase our border protection, toughen our laws, and develop a foreign policy. 

Will people die?  (Most likely).  Are people dying now?  (Boston, Benghazi).  Do we have to die broke in the process?   

Attack this country, face a swift trial (to prove guilt) in an open court (without a court appointed lawyer), followed by a swift death by hanging.   The savings will be immediate.  The deterrent (if there is one) established.  The foreign policy will be to establish aid consequences, or punishing military actions to nations of sovereigns who perpetrate such attacks.   Regardless of origin.   This should include all nations.

We can never fully protect ourselves anyway.  Not without bankrupting the nation.  And is this not, after all, what the monkey’s are wanting to accomplish anyway?  We have played into their hands long enough.

And one more thing. 

Don’t elect Muslims to public office!


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