Charm Offensive

21 Mar

Promoting Mexico in the U.S., from its scholars to artists, is meant to sway this American election.  Boosting turnout among immigrant voters could help tip the scale in the election, said Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University.

Chemical barrels (AFP)

Partially dissolved remains of several people have been found in acid filled barrels in Mexico’s central Puebla state.

Local authorities discovered ten barrels along with nine plastic bags filled with mutilated human remains in the municipality of San Andres Calpan.


MONTERREY, MEXICO (BNO NEWS) — Human remains were found in at least four barrels at a junkyard in a northern Mexico drug-plagued city.

According to military sources quoted by the El Norte newspaper, eight barrels were found in a junkyard in Monterrey. In four of the barrels the military found human remains, but they still cannot determine the number of victims.


Firemen found three bodies partially dissolved in barrels of acid in a bar in downtown Guadalajara.

Having received complaints of a terrible smell emanating from the property, the firemen entered Bar Las Vegas at around 7 p.m. and forced their way into an upstairs room sealed with chains and padlocks. There they were greeted by the grizzly sight of three corpses, two of them submerged in 200-liter vats of acid.

The victims, all believed to be males aged 30 to 35, were in an advanced state of decomposition, with initial estimates indicating that they had been dead for at least 72 hours.


Expect voting laws in the United States to be violated, en mass, at polling stations across the Country.  Expect the Mexicans to vote entirely for the Democrat Party.  A vote that enables them to billions of your dollars.  This ‘invasion’ could justify the U.S. declaring a shooting war on Mexico.  A war that will surely see all Mexican ports closed down, politicians arrested (or killed), and cartels totally dismembered.  Like being placed in barrels of acid.

Mexican Flag - National Flag of Mexico

Yet we put up with the little spicks pricks ‘Charm Offensive”.  Another Democrat Party ploy.  Only in conjunction with another nation-state.  Mexico should pay for that damned wall.  As well as the costs of our military buildup to protect it.  Or invade.  This should be considered, on the part of Mexico, a provocation of the type and seriousness that could result in a war between the two parties.

Mark my words… 

It won’t be the throwing them out that will be difficult for most Americans to endure, or effect.  It will be the paths they burn through America on their (self-deportation routes) way out.  Many of us will suffer.  And die.

I know that this is not what I call “Charming”.



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3 responses to “Charm Offensive

  1. rogerunited

    March 21, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    Nice post.
    Everybody is worried about muslim terrorists, but nobody is paying enough attention to mexicans. The cartels are already here and armed with more than what we’re legally allowed to own and willing to use them!

  2. Rifleman III

    March 22, 2016 at 2:54 am

    Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal.


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