George Lee Turberville

18 Jan

His 6 years, 11 months of service on the Continental Line during the Revolutionary War, earned Colonel Turberville the right to be known.   He also served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1785 to 1787 and as sheriff of Richmond County in 1798.

Friend of James Madison, it was Turberville that Madison was  penning to when he stated, upon the question,

“You wish to know my sentiments on the project of another general Convention as suggested by (here they are again) New York…”

“If a General Convention were to take place for the avowed and sole purpose of revising the Constitution, it would naturally consider itself as having a greater latitude than the Congress appointed to administer and support as well as to amend the system… an election into it would be courted by the most violent partisans on both sides… [It] would no doubt contain individuals of insidious views, who under the mask of seeking alterations popular in some parts but inadmissible in other parts of the Union might have a dangerous opportunity of sapping the very foundations of the fabric.”

While Cruz is right, and New York has been a pain in the ass for this nation since its inception, Madison was also right in his opposition to Con Con’s. 

We should NEVER consent to another Constitutional Convention.  At least not until we either expel, or put all of the Progressives (and RINO’s) in those FEMA camps.

Remember what our founders thought whenever you hear a Progressive, or even a RINO, mention their support for such a vehicle of compromise.  What they are suggesting is the end of the Republic, as we have known it.


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