The Body Count?

17 Jan

 “Not only did I find a list of dead people, but I also found that there are over 100 people who have refused to testify.  There is also a list of people who have gone to jail. There are 45 people who have gone to jail, some of them White House staff, Cabinet members as well as people from the Justice Department. So many of those (lists) developed when I started to pursue the big picture”

‘Death list’ and IRS ravaged ‘women of Clinton’Scandals

Violating every fedgov regulation (and law) regarding the National Security of the Nation while serving (a sentence to vacate the borders) as SOS, Operation Fast & Furious, back dooring a neighboring country (Honduras) in what appeared to be an attempted coup, generally selling the USA out to the highest bidder, and Benghazi. 

And this woman actually, while being the oldest candidate ever, has the chance to become the next President of the United States?

Yep.  The Progressives are really counting on Common Core.

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