American leadership

03 Jun

Or lack, thereof. 

Instead of changing course (like Canada) and reversing its spending habits, this administration is being fool hardy in its advancement to complete our common demise.

Another  million dollars.  Wasted on your behalf.  When we are broke and can’t pay our bills now without printing billions of dollars every month, we have this from the Whitehouse, and the Kenyan administration.

104 million dollars to support illegal immigrants (guised under the pretense of helping children of illegal immigrants) break our laws, and another

100 million dollars to support more ground troops in Europe.  Regardless of the American blood that could be spilled.  For a Continent that won’t spend even one billion, amongst an array of nations, to defend itself. 

This administration is cutting loose, pulling out all of the stops, on its efforts to break the bank (or the backs) of our citizens.  And we sit patiently by, allowing this to happen??? 

When all is said and done, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.


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