Republican no more

11 May

To understand how “the Party” works, one only has to look at the recent election in N.C., where the elite, the military establishment, and the Jews, all produced a hit attempt against a good man.  The elite (including Kristol) threw tons of money to defeat Tea Party candidate, Rep. Walter Jones.  Yes, they won their victory, but they cost America in the process.  Elected was Thom Tillis, Speaker of the North Carolina House.   Read more here.

This former Republican might just make a donation to Mr. Tillis’ Democrat opponent.  They’ve lost me.

Take their calls.  Listen for the duration.  Ask questions.  Politely refuse.  Telling them that you are going to now donate to the Democrat Party.  It cost them to waste time on their charade telephone calls.  The time they spend with you could be used calling two other innocent Republican voters.

I just wonder if I’m alone in this.

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