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Position of strength

We were taught that the US should always deal from a position of strength, not weakness.  So said, Charlie Prior.  Mr. Pryor was one tough marine.  A one-legged Poly Sci. Professor, and survivor of the Bataan March.  He lost that leg in brutal captivity.   I have since learned that the most dangerous ideology known to our species is ‘Pacifism’.   Both result in the same thing.  Death.

The Kenyan has now put us in an unenviable position of weakness, and vacillation.  Look for Putin (who well understands these principles) to move more rapidly, while he can.  Not only will Putin begin to move in order to capitalize on our limp-wristed, so-called, President; expect China, Iran, Syria (yes, Syria) and other enemies to do the same. 

I have seen people who know nothing of these matters on other blogs warn us against screwing with Russia.  How that would be insane.  Those ‘fools of cyberspace’ only show their ignorance in these matters when they write their tripe.  They demonstrate how little they really know of foreign policy, its functions, purpose, or goals.  Yet, those armchair fools continue to spew their ignorance to others, who likewise have little understanding.  Many of them are the same fools who who preach that the American male must learn how to hide, ambush, and otherwise to place themselves in ridiculously hostile positions in some future field of combat.  They depend on the support of others, through contributions, to continue to exist.  They want everyone to learn jujitsu and other hand-to-hand techniques.  Evidently there are enough gullible people ‘out there’ to enable them a comfortable lifestyle.  Reminds me of the wealthy beggar on the street.

The irony of their advice is that if we listen to them, the chances of our needing those skills will be greatly enhanced.

I am not talking about going nuclear against anyone.  We all know the repercussions of such a move.  Even if we win (which we would), we lose.  And so would mankind. 

However, if we propose to avoid such a scenario, we had better quit playing Community Organizer.  We’d better quit acting like American metro-sexual, sissified girlymen (aka: weaklings), and regain our posture.  We need to learn again how to stand up on our hind legs, and quit being manipulated by everything our government would love to instill into us.  That being one thing above all else. 

Cold, stark, FEAR. 

Just because our current POTUS is a coward, does not mean that we, our people, our military, and our leadership, need to behave in concert.  We should have already dispatched real weaponry into the region to confront the incursion.  It’s the only thing a tyrant understands.  We should have immediately dealt from a position of strength, not weakness.  Now, it is too late.  The Kenyan has us (the free world) all screwed. 

Unfortunately, Putin (and the dark side) already have the Kenyan’s profile.  As these events continue to occur, we will just have to eat their shit.  Until the time comes when we either elect a ‘real’ President, or our enemies decide that it’s time to attack us directly.   The latter of which will make the advice of fools a necessary protocol to follow.  Charlie is long gone now, but I can hear him loud and clear.   Can you?


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