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Post collapse

Unions in post-collapse America.  When Union employees show up at your door, begging for help (because they didn’t prepare), send them to hell.  Even buzzards have to eat.

They helped to create the collapse.  Payback is hell.


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Blood Moon arising

If you are a legal citizen, OR have a legal presence in this country, YOU are eligible for health care coverage.  The Kenyan and the Democrats are giving the store away to anyone.  For free!

To them, it will be free. 

To the Taxpayers it will not be free. 

If interest rates go up to just 4%, our national debt will cost us more than 34 Trillion (with a ‘T’) dollars.  That is IF we can pay it off in just 30 years.  How old will your children be?  

But that is if we don’t spend another dime, from today forward. 

We are broke, people.  Yet, even faced with a total collapse, our Representatives are passing and enacting further spending laws.  Like HR 2847, the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act.  

It is almost over with now.  As we move forward, the next month should prove interesting.  If you have not prepared yourselves and your family, do so now.  Or face the consequences.  The military, the uneducated, the immigrants, the Democrat Party and many in the Republican Party, have killed your way of life forever. 

Remember, when everything is gone, who did this to us.


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Ukraine today

Kenyan in Chief





















American Foreign Policy



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