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02 Mar

While catching up on the news of the day, I noticed one article on fauxnews.  You might have seen it too.

Media not pushing Obama on Keystone pipeline

After the past few years of watching the Keystone build their pipeline, I have several comments to make. 

I watched them lease 200 acres for storage, transport, fitting, parking, and fueling (not to mention having to fend off the nut case environmentalists like that less-than-female, Daryl Hannah) needed to get this pipe in the ground from Okla. to the Gulf.  I had the opportunity to work with a few of their people.  Much to your (thanks to the MSM) surprise, they are just like us.  Well maybe not. 

They have a job to do.  Most Americans don’t. 

BUT!  they are good people that look at their work as being beneficial to mankind. They know, like any intelligent person, it’s not just the people of Canada who will benefit, but the people of the US as well.   Yet, I wonder if even they realize just how much they will be helped, or just how much the US will be helped.  I doubt it.  Else, big people might already be missing from the debate.

As the big shot liberals inside NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN, and FOX declare their support for the Kenyan’s stonewalling (through the non-coverage in the daily issues of their pop programs and rag mags), they need to understand a couple of things.  First, that this pipeline will be going in.  With or without them.  It is going to be completed, and most of America would just as soon see it be (permanently) without them.  Secondly, they need to understand that we are screwed, and they are just a few who are helping to screw us. (Of course, they are screwing themselves and their own families in the process)  Instead, they fail to understand that we are all in this thing together.

Nobody.  I repeat.  Nobody is going to stop this venture.  Perhaps if some big shot, like a George Soros, a Warren Buffett, or a Bill Gates was removed from the equation, it would send the message that these walking morons of the media could understand.  The implications of not completing this pipeline are just too great to contemplate.  That is how important this pipeline is. 

Brute (violence or threat) force is always distasteful and on the surface seems extremely, ah, extreme.  That said, in the greedy, self-centered world we live in, it seems to be the one thing the ‘self-important’ all understand.  Perhaps if someone high up in their sacrosanct government were to disappear, they would begin to get the message.  Perhaps if they understood the true ramifications of this pipeline, they would begin to look ‘down the road’ and to push for its completion.    

How important is (this pipeline) it?  Is it really all that important?  Could it be worth the life of even one good soul?

Think again. 

If Canada had a warm water port that could function year round on a daily basis, does anyone think for one minute that they would be bothering us with all of this ‘energy’ stuff?  Thank you very much.  Ask yourself, if they could refine and transport year round, why they would split this trillion dollar deal with anyone?  Let alone, their lazy, entitled, neighbors to the South.

Time and conditions are changing.  Just look at the Ukraine, and China.  Iran and Egypt.  Venezuela and Greece.  As our Bozo in Chief continues to screw the pooch on foreign policy, and the day is coming when our precious dollar will no longer be the considered exchange currency around the globe, there is one thing, above all else, that the little Socialist people working inside American media outlets need to know.  They are playing with the elite of the elite.  In their Socialist world, they are playing with real Communists, and they are found to be lacking.

When the US goes ‘dark’, because we can no longer purchase energy with our pitiful dollar.  When we can’t pay the interest on our debt.  When the hospitals can’t perform even the most basic surgery to remove a gall stone or perform an appendicitis because there are no doctors, nor facilities to operate in.  When the food can no longer be delivered due to the high cost associated with fuel, equipment, and labor.  When the cost of remaining quiet is measured in the tens of millions, then they can look back to a time when they did exactly that.  And their meek apologies just won’t seem to cut it.   This is why they should be outspoken now. 

The pipeline will be successful.  Even without the help of a self-discredited media.   

It will happen.  It has to.  If western civilization is to survive, it must.  That is how important this pipeline really is.

And even then, the Communist elite (for they are Communist), the power behind the money, agree with this.  You see?  They plan on controlling the consequences of global bankruptcy.   The consequences of reality.  Therefore, they want this pipeline as much as the average American citizen.  The one’s with a brain, anyway.

For just as Brazil is important for the future of human food production, this pipeline is important to energy.  This is why I am halfway surprised someone hasn’t come up missing already. 

This is just a case where our media is making itself even more irrelevant.  Sometimes they are useless idiots.

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