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Can you hear something?  Coming from the Ukraine?

“Arrest warrants have been issued for Yanukovich and a handful of other officials.  A criminal case has been launched for the massive murder of peaceful citizens.”  ~ interim interior minister,  Arsen Avakov

Ukraine’s parliament voted to remove Mr Yanukovich on Saturday after a crackdown on three months of anti-government protests left more than 70 dead.

Are you listening, Mr. Kenyan?


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Don’t let the door hit ya

Where the good lord split ya.

Rep. Dingell, longest-serving congressman, to retire

Michigan Democratic Rep. John Dingell, who was first elected to Congress in 1955 to fill a seat his father had held, says he will not seek re-election

Elected in 1964, the 87-year-old Democrat scalawag has served in the House since 1955, when he filled the seat vacated by his late father (1894-1955).  He is expected to make the announcement Monday.  His old man died in 1955.  Michigan has not had a chance since 1933.  The year before Bonnie & Clyde were shot down in Louisiana.



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Can you see it?

To the military,

Can you see it coming?

You asked for it, abetted in your own destruction.  Lost or losing your pensions, a limit on military pay raises, higher fees for health-care benefits, less generous housing allowances, a one-year freeze on raises for top military brass, and even your ability to pray.  You obeyed the orders of a potentially illegitimate man, who never did provide proof of natural born status, and this is what you get.  Broken promises. 

You didn’t fight for your people’s right to vote when it was denied to them, or just not counted.  Don’t complain now.  Wait and see what they have in store for your families.  The same as ours.  Welcome home.  

Proposed budget will reportedly shrink Army to pre-WWII numbers

This is just the beginning.  It’s been a good ride, but it’s now almost over. 

I can see now how the Kenyan proposes to put together a Homeland Security force, equipped and sized every bit as well as our military.  When he’s finished dismantling and downsizing, the Milwaukee Police Department will be larger and better equipped than the military.  Can you see it now?

You are Americans first.  Bound together, with us, to support and defend the Constitution.  Against all enemies foreign, and domestic.  Can you see it now?

The end of this country, as we have known it, is coming.  And it can’t be soon enough for the Democrat politicians in Washington D.C.  They already have these savings slotted for more of their handouts. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will forever go down in our history as the first of the worst. 

APTOPIX Hagel_Cham640.jpg

Now watch the Kenyan, or his political successors, go start a major war somewhere.  Do they really think that Homeland Security (or the Milwaukee Police Department) is going to win it for them?


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