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More of our brothers are fighting for liberty.  And freedom.

Venezuela: “Share this video”

full screen to watch.

Find out ways to  support these people.  They’ve been oppressed long enough.


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IG Metall

The Krauts failed in their concealed bid to gain a foothold in manufacturing plants in the U.S. South.

In balloting at the Chattanooga facility that ended, 712 workers opposed being represented by the UAW with 626 voting to join, the UAW announced.  

IGMetall “Industrial Union of Metalworkers'” is a metalworkers’ union in Germany.  IGM is also a member of some international union umbrella.  This foreign group will join with the UAW to file suits over this Democratic vote.  As a union-side lawyer, I know many write off the labor movement as lost. But maybe globalization will save us.   Seig heil!

Meanwhile, fifty yards away -- separated by a fence and large open ...

IGM workers

The Nazis still don’t like freedom and democracy, after all.  Send them home, with the UAW.


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What’s all this I keep hearing about Secession?  The subject is everywhere.  But where is it coming from?

Is this the talk of cowards, slackers (activists for hire), fools, or government employees? 

You may say, “All of the above”,

And you would be correct.

Think about it.  Even meditate on it. 

As we watch our brothers (for every man who demands liberty, is our brother) in the Ukraine fight Tyranny, do we see them seeking the ‘S’ word?  No!

The word would be repulsive to them.  As it should be to us.

Now, ask yourself, where you are hearing or reading about this subject.   Then ponder where they fit into the options provided above.   Where do they fit?  Coward, slacker (activist for hire), fool, or government employee.

Division is a key to the continued agenda of any Tyrant.  First divide, then conquer.  Secession offers them that opportunity.  It leave the problem intact.  It isolates opponents (those who would challenge their authority) and reduces the scope (size) of the battlefield.  In the examples I have seen, the new Country/State would be (with the exception of Texas) much smaller area of land, with virtually no natural resources.  In most cases isolated, without navigation or other means of transport.  Isolated, without a potential for Commerce.  Just look, for yourself, at the various maps.  Then see if you could, with this as your goal, even develop a more incompetent or disastrous idea.

When secession is discussed on the blog sites of America, it either involves areas (County) seceding from host States, to form a new State (just what good, in a corrupt national system, will that do?), or the proposition of the establishment of entirely new sovereigns.  Both cases involve (with the exception of Texas) pre-defined areas that would not require more than a blockade (land or sea) to conquer.  Many of these are landlocked, without even a navigable river.  In every case (including Texas), the Host Federal Government could, at its own discretion and timing, easily bring the “rebels” back into the fold.  This is a fear that Texas once lived under for years.  It was, in fact, the driving factor in Texas seeking admission into your Union in the first place.  That’s how it turned out for Texas.  Does anyone think it will be any different for an Idaho, an Arizona, or a Pennsylvania? 

If the cause is honorable, why should one need secession? 

Just because it is the easier, simpler, way?  To cut your losses and flee?

Are we really this lazy?  Are we that stupid? 

I think not.

Or is this (talk of Secession) the conspiracy of government trolls?  The aim of bureaucrats to enrage and encourage others (citizens) to act out in measures that can only be construed to be treason.  Thereby placing themselves outside of the law, alienating the masses, and even give the Tyrant the justification it craves to place its people under further surveillance.  Or worse.  

We all know what the ‘worse’ means. 

The slow but natural progression of Tyranny.  From control over, or dismantling of, the Internet services to those without permits, additional laws restricting movement or increasing the acquisition, and use, of personal and private (data) information.  Taxation.  Redistribution of wealth.  Inflation.  Eminent domain.  Selling of national assets and security.  Suspension of elections.  Martial law.  Re-education and labor camps. 

Secession need not be a subject for discussion.

If secession ever becomes a part of the equation, it must only be in the context of ‘reverse secession’. 

What do I mean?

The Exile of States.

If it is ever determined that an expulsion of certain people’s (States), based on their desire to be the subjects of Tyranny, or to bear the heavy yoke of slavery, should be permitted from the Union, then they should be allowed to do so.  We must free them to their own bondage.

Those States can then leave the Union to form their own concept of governance over themselves.  They can take the sitting national government with them.  Just move one (or ten) Senator, one (or twenty) Representative from Washington, and seat them in the new Countries.   Our new neighbors.

Three ways

Only one problem.  That part (mentioned above) where the problem is still intact?  That is the elephant in the room.  We have the right to pursue our happiness, without fear of our neighbor.  This cannot happen without Control.  The people cannot get this control but by two means.  Either they vote, with sufficient numbers, into office the type of leadership it will take to permit this ‘reverse secession’ to take place, or by Revolution, whereby the people forcibly remove the minority tyrants from their seats of power.   This is why we must continue to vote.   Until that option no longer is available to us. Then we will have no other choice but the second.  And exit, they will.

Those are the only two options available to us.  There are no other ways of doing this.

But one

The Federal Government, as it exists today, could offer ‘reverse secession’ now to those people’s and States who would wish to leave, to leave.

Even though that is this Government’s only hope of surviving, what do you think the chances of that are?  Even if they did, what would this become but a European North America?  The North American Metropolis.

Therefore, when the subject of a Constitutional Convention arises, put it down.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the one we have.  When they speak of secession, tell them to cease.  That there might be people leaving, but not you.  We will not be the one’s leaving.  The tyrant, however, will be.  An America without Americans is just not an option.

We can no longer serve two masters.  But for us, there should never be any consideration of secession.  This is our country. 

Our Home.


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