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Dumbass Pelosi

















Think this isn’t real?


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Why I hate Fox

The idea of this pompous left-wing idiot from New York City lecturing anyone in America is an insult.  Watch this. 

(If you can stomach it)

I will not be insulted by a wanna-be big shot, wanna-be know it all, know nothing, lying, bloviating pig.  I turn it off whenever I see her.

Want to know what I really think of the Irish Catholic immigrant, O’Reilly?

Disclaimer:  I do watch a few of the Fox Business News shows.


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Rosey words

Self reliance?  What in the hell is that!

As America finds herself under the auspices of Kenyan King Obama and a Leviathan bureaucratic government (of both Republicans and Democrats), with both telling the people how to think, act, and do, is there a new awakening floating to the surface?  Ron Paul thinks so.  He thinks the real answer is within ourselves.  As he told an audience in Santiago last year.  Become less dependent on the government and more self-reliant:

While the answer lies within ourselves, will we have to arrive at that necessary level of resolve only as the result of hard-core hunger?   Will we have to lose our status and standard of living first?  After all, is that not the desired results our master’s seek?  Will we have to sink that far before we decide to act? 

Rosey words, unfortunately, mean little.  Food means everything.  It is the great persuader.  Your masters know this, and it will be there that they will hit us.  Be prepared.  All they have to do it to flip a switch, and the greatest distraction of all time will ensue.   

Assuming we have another election, Vote.  While you can, Vote.  Then vote no more. 

But don’t go home to wait.  Go home to find, deep within, the resolve that will be so necessary

But prepare now.  Whether it be your first case of MRE’s, another box of OO, or another silver round.  Whether it be a Berkley or a biscuit.   Then go meet your neighbor.


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Well lookie here

Could it be that black leadership is not entirely corrupted?  That a few really DO get it?

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