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Thank the EU

At a time when Europe already has more than its share of financial problems (i.e. – Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and soon to be France), it is buying up our debt so that we can keep the appearance that all is normal.  As China and Japan began dumping our Treasury Bonds back onto the market, Belgium stepped up to the plate.  Wonder what that’s going to cost us (US Taxpayers)?

Just how long can this charade last?  Just how much longer do you think that the Europeans can continue to buy up our debt, when their own is spiraling out of control? Yes, they print too.  Can we expect the two primary Central banks to continue to print and buy up each other’s debt forever?  Is this is the new charade?  The way out for both continents? 

The last phase (before collapse) will be when our Federal Reserve begins to buy up our own debt.  When even the EU is forced to withhold (probably the next auction) from making these purchases from us.  The rest of the world will totally flee from us and our almighty ‘dollar’.  Then, the game will be up. 

Under these precarious circumstances, just how long can our entitlements hold out?  Do you expect the current regime to wait for the world flight scenario to play out, or do you think they will move to act first?  Do you think that you will not wake up some day soon to discover that those EBT cards have been cut off, or some other similar scenario (false flag), and that we have rioting in our streets?

All hell will break loose then.  Those in the Kenyan regime know this.  Look for any indications of a stepped up surveillance, movement (pre-positioning) of troops and equipment, and government handouts to local law enforcement agencies.  They have to begin moving now, as there is no time to waste.

From ZeroHedge, the following chart demonstrates just how much more the Chinese hold.  You decide for yourself what they could do to us, if they so choose.

This will not turn out well for us.  I suggest that it cannot.

In the meanwhile, we owe the EU a great big “Thank you”.  You bought us another month, or two.


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