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Just for acknowledgment

It finally arrived! 

great frontierBriefly glancing at it, delving into the beginning, I can tell that I’ll be undertaking another ‘hard read’.  I think that this must be, by nature, akin to Atlas Shrugged.  This ain’t no simple survival book. 

Or is it??? 

I can already point to two things Webb never lived to see, or think of.  One is the Muslim problem, the other is the willingness of Western nations to invite immigration onto its own shores.  Neither of which could be imagined in 1952, and both are having huge impacts on Western civilization, aka the Metropolis.

Thanks again for the tip, Roger!


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In the Kenyan’s world, and the world of Democrats, law breaking immigrants, and other slackers, this would only be fair.  Ice (Mother nature) just claimed the famous Eisenhower tree at Augusta National.

After all, this course will be so much better.  Now it’s more ‘woman friendly’.


A view of the 17th hole at the Augusta National Golf Club. The Eisenhower Tree can be seen on the left side of the fairway in the background.

“When Fairness becomes the goal, or the guiding principle; Justice is generally its first victim” ~ Soffitrat

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Celente today

Here he is again.  “Bullets, bombs, and banks.  Harvard, Yale, and Columbia.  It’s a club.  And you ain’t in it.”

Talks about gold demand, bankers unexpectedly dying, emerging markets are melting down, hyperinflation is taking root, Fukushima is out of control.

Beginning at the 8:20 mark.

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