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Intelligent life?

In Louisiana!

Who would ‘uv thunk it?

The attached e-mail I received with this one.

Elbert lives about 20 miles from me. I know him, and I knew his brother who was on the Opelousas city council when I first moved here. He represents a district that is about 80% black yet he had the nerve last year to denounce his democratic heritage and move to the Republican party. In this video he tells it exactly as it is. Should you really want to get an earful of how the downfall all started with the democrats and their post war program of 40 acres and a mule you should just meet him in person. This is a man who is definitely on the right track, and I support him whole heartedly!



Good people.  Great food!  But, is it all too late?


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The Moo America

As the new (and militarized) metro-sexual EPA, under the direction of the Kenyan, is positioned to impose new restrictions on coal, the Port of Savannah just release more pollution in just one day than all of the EPA restrictions will reduce over the next five years.   5,600 tons of imported raw rubber has been burning all day, releasing thick, heavy, oily smoke that can be seen for miles.  It’s supposedly under control (like it can go anywhere), but expected to burn for days.   But nothing to fear.  That’ll be made up for by the bespectacled storm troopers from the EPA through their ridiculously tyrannical edicts.  Say, in about 10 or 15 years.   Assuming there are no more fires of this nature anywhere in the CONUS over that same period.  And with an economy on the verge of collapse, what are the chances of that?  Read more here.


But nobody will say a thing about the (EPA) planned abuses.  Not even when their electricity begins to be rationed, their appliances fry due to inconsistent peaks (surges) and valleys, and prices double. 

The herd will just move to the next pasture.  Can you say, Moo?


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