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World without money?

What I am about to propose cannot seem more insane.  I can’t believe that this has even popped into my head.  And too scary to contemplate.

But!  Is this so preposterous?  I think it may not be.

As strange as it sounds, is it really?  No markets?  No money?

Watch this.  Celente begins (on Communist Times) his segment around the 4:06 mark. 

What if?   What it the ‘real’ PTB has a plan to do just that?  What if there has been enough (in their minds) disparity of wealth flowing from the average man and woman into the hands of the few?  What if there has been (in their minds) enough gravitation of wealth into their hands already, and the time is nearing for their planned collapse?  A Global Collapse.  A total collapse.  What if (as defined by their models) they believe enough power (government) has consolidated (police state) to pull this off?

Why would markets any longer benefit them?  Why would money, any longer, advance them or their plans to evolve society into a completely new dimension?  They already possess all of the money.

What if (in their minds) enough development in third world countries, and lowering (redistribution) of wealth in the middle classes of all western nations has been accomplished?

Why would money even be necessary?  Watching Celente, it just appeared to me the real reasons for, and outcome of, what is really taking place on a global scale.   With almost every developed nation printing their currencies out of any reasonable proportion, it becomes obvious that they have already gone far beyond any hope of re-establishing any type of conventional market for the exchange of goods.

Is this really crazy?  What else can be the ultimate outcome of this madness?

The real question is, (when this thing falters) should we even expect to reconstruct under the ‘old’ paradigm


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Word for today   OBAMA


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Lose Law And Order, Lose Freedom

Ferfal talks about the 2001 economic collapse in Argentina and the effect of instability on society.

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How far behind are we?

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