International diplomacy

19 Jan

Is dead. 

At least in Syria it is.  Read here.

The Free Syrian Army and the people of Syria don’t want the U.N. They don’t want Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, or Iranian thugs, interfering with their future lives.  They’ve had enough (social engineering) tampering.  Internationalism is dead in Syria.  So sorry… Mr. Moon.  Chop chop.   This is the best the elite can do?  To invite the wolf to sit down at the table when the spoils shall be divided?  

This goes along with the previous post.  People are not going to continue to put up with the Internationalists.  The elite.  The perverted swindlers.  The United Nations, or (for that matter) any tyrannical government.

People are going to resist them.  They are resisting.  If the uber rich continue along these lines, eventually the people will go right up to their private islands and kill them all.  Their body guards, and their families.  Even their armies.  (unless those armies smell the roses and begin to turn on their previous masters)   The Kenyan had better realize that he’s on the wrong side of history, and there may be no going back.  He almost set us up in another unjust war.  A war based on lies that would have further drained our treasury and blood, and left Iran in control of the region.  A war that could have brought us face to face with our Russian counterparts.  All based on lies.  All at the behest of Arabian overlords, working in conjunction with our European (elites) masters.

We may have already past the stage when conflicts will be avoided by International diplomacy, which protects and favors only the elites of Europe.  We may well already be past the time when conflicts will be settled without the costs of war.   Wars that may clumsily have already been arranged by these very same idiots.  Just like WWI and WWII, history repeats itself.  So-called International diplomacy was, as it is today, ever present.  It always is.  At the very epicenter.

All diplomacy should be conducted on regional basis’ only.  Nationalism is alive and well, and growing.

Go home Mr. Moon.  Go home Iran.  Let us help the Syrians to free themselves.  It’s time to declare. 

And we’d better declare correctly. 

Then let us turn our attention to the homeland.  In a serious and meaningful sense.   Lest we repeat our own history.

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