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Sermon on the Mount

Another good book.  By Emmet Fox.  Just a little deeper than Atlas Shrugged. 

Was there more to that Sermon than you’ve ever heard?  I am not a T.L. Davis, nor am I particularly religious, but Fox has some things in his book that we all should be aware of before we get into the mess we are so worried about.

While it is good for everyone to read and understand the laws as laid out by Fox, there is one Law, in particular, that we must understand, and while every man should be aware of it, I put it here specifically for those who are the deceivers among us.  Those who would mislead men into thinking that they (the deceivers) have all of the answers to survival.  Even a Godless survival.

Product Details

If you are misleading people.  If you are employed by the FedGov to sow discord among the Patriot movement.  If you must find it in your nature to clan people up against other Patriots through insults and crass language.  (putting your IQ on display)  If you already have your own personal little escape plan arranged.  You need to read this.  If shit is happening to you, you should read this.  For you will find that all of your best plans might result only in your own demise, and most likely that of your family as well.  More importantly, you will find out all about the ‘why’.

Chapter 5 is most interesting and perhaps (just perhaps) those killer ex-SF, self-appointed militia bad ass leaders, should take a peek.  The small minded, foul mouthed, breathers.  Breeders of turmoil, bitterness, fear, hate, and self-pity should take the time to learn a little about the ‘Great Law’.

Not the U.S. Constitution, but the ‘Great Law’.  The ‘Law of Retribution’. 

From the government troll who disguises himself under the mask of a Patriot, to those who would be among the first to encourage people for when the SHTF, only to be among the first to depart the country for greener pastures.  Those are the ones who should take a look at the “Great Law”.   Perhaps (just perhaps) they will then begin to understand why shit is always happening to them.  Bad shit. 

Don’t worry, if it doesn’t get you now.  It waits.  If it doesn’t get you, it will get your children, or even your grandchildren.  But once it’s set into motion, it always gets you.  And it’s progressive.  The degree, grows with time.  It’s all just part of God’s nature.  The same ‘Nature’ that our founders understood so well, but that we have forgotten.

Fox lays it out in terms that even morons can grasp.  So I know that even if you’re one of those who moniker using (soiling) the names of great Revolutionary or Northern Aggression War leaders, that you will be able to comprehend it.

Government minions and employees are especially encouraged to read this book.  For they are setting into motion a force they can hardly dare to live with.  It doesn’t get more personal, and you ain’t nearly as bad as you think.  As you would have (like) others think of you.

Yes, weapons, knowledge, tactics, comms, food, water, caches, and so much more are all important.  But ask yourself what type of survival you want.  What kind of society you plan.  What sort of life will your family (assuming they do survive) enjoy.  Will it be a Godless one?  One that pits you in constant fear of the Great Law? 

But, I digress.  What will it gain us if we remain in constant personal turmoil, in a land of perpetual pain? 

This next Revolution should be one of life, not death.


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Transporte de Sureste

Your ride awaits.  $1.00 per butt.  Anywhere in the CONUS?  That’s the rumor.  From our Hispanic neighbors! 













        But not until you’ve paid off the Coyote (and possibly the TSA guy) at the border.

Thanks to Ann Coulter we know the following.

According to a Harris poll, 81 percent of native-born citizens think the schools should teach students to be proud of being American. Only 50 percent of naturalized U.S. citizens do.

While 67 percent of native-born Americans believe our Constitution is a higher legal authority than international law, only 37 percent of naturalized citizens agree.

No wonder they vote 2-1 for the Democrats.

Muchas gracias Señor el Presidente.


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100 miles to go

My oath has taken me away from my income stream.  Over the past seven years, I’ve let my business go by the wayside too much.  Now, I have lights out on many of our structures.  I’m in the billboard business. 

Tonight (it’s now 9:15 p.m.) I am going to drive about 60 miles (each way) to see just which ones are out, make notes, and return.  Tomorrow I will have a contractor replace each one.  Hopefully, it will just be bulbs, and not fixtures, lenses, or ballasts.  And, like where you live, it’s cold as shit out there!

No rest for the weary…

Meanwhile, one Council member just lost and buried his father today in a town about 50 miles from here, we have one Officer on the ‘chopping block’ (for stupidity), lawn mower repairs, truck stop project, property (deeds and surveys) issues, and one hundred other projects and problems to be solved.  And the beat goes on…  I laugh when I hear the words, ‘Keyboard Warrior’.

Nobody said it was going to be easy.  Freedom never is. 

Like the quote on the right side-bar says,

“Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it.”

See ya later!

When I will put up the photos of those Mexican tour (illegal drug and immigration) buses in town today.  And ICE can’t get this regime to move against them or enforce our laws…


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Ridiculous!  Watched the first few minutes of a wavering, wandering, non-descriptive, going nowhere talk into teleprompters when finally he got around to threatening Congress.  The Democrats applauded their own irrelevance.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Here’s a little secret about the State of the Union address that President Barack Obama will deliver next week: He’ll give Congress

I just had to turn on Silverado.  What did you do?


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Every once in a while, something arises that doesn’t just tug at one’s conscience, but hits it like a steamroller.  Yesterday saw one such event.

Under orders from our self-appointed King, the little tyrants are speaking up.

Now, this Jeh (what kind of name is that?) Johnson, tells us that illegals have the right to ‘try’ to become American citizens.  This man is not elected, nor do the people even know who he is.  What public high school did this fool attend?  What makes him our master?  He can go straight to hell, and I’m pretty sure that the People (some good citizens) are about to send him there.  This will just not stand. 

This little bald headed peckerwood told those Mayors (there that group is again) that our borders are open to all.  This is an example of what we just heard a couple of weeks ago.  The Kenyan going around Congress.  And the People. 

Believe in God, support the Constitution, if you are pro-life or a patriot or veteran this agency calls you a possible terrorist.  Enter this country illegally this same agency calls you a possible Democratic voter and says you have earned the right to citizenship.

This is the same lawyer, who under the control of the Kenyan, prosecuted the ex-Seal for writing a book.  Thus aligning all SF troops with the People.  They despise this President.

Meanwhile, there are people standing in lines, playing by the rules, to become American citizens the legal way.  This is a travesty.  A high crime against the People, the Constitution, and the God who has blessed us.  

Will the People will begin to send them a message now?  I feel that we must steel ourselves for when we begin to hear of ‘this sabotage’, or ‘that killing’, knowing that it is just patriots who have reached their point of refusing to further bend their knees to tyranny.  As things begin to progress to the next stage, all fighters will be welcome.  All military defectors will be fed.  Be ready to open your homes as well.  We are perilously close to war with a Central Government.  Nothing new.  It is just Nature’s path.  An occurrence, in sequence with all of nature.  This (defeat of the tyrants) will not be hard or drawn out.  It will only be those who are here illegally, criminals and gangbangers, those who are entitled shitheads, and those who are progressive communists, that will make it so.  The illegals will ‘mainly’ (on their own) return to their previous countries.  The rest will just have to be dealt with.  Perhaps when the gallows quieten, people will be allowed to return to work on their pursuit of happiness again, and nature stilled.


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Market watch

With Friday’s sub-300 day, the futures for tomorrow aren’t looking too good.  Will things in the markets begin to take their long awaited dive?  Will things get interesting from here on?

Well, Yellen (the “Skank”) just told us that she’s going to print, print, print. 

Dow (mini)

Index Close Cur Future Change
15879.11 15816.0 -335.00

You may want to step up on your preps as much as possible now.  While your dollars are still worth $0.80.


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Relaxing and Therapeutic

It also helps with some depression like stated below.

When you get down and out, maybe a little depressed, it always helps to think of your friends enduring harder times than yourself.
For me, this has helped tremendously. What fun!!!!

If he gets stuck between the balls click and drag him to get him moving


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It’s a Texas Thang

What kind of real life problems does one have if a court of law actually orders that one abstain of use of illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages?

TX Democrat abortion bimbo running for Governor - The FAL Files

That is the question asked in one article this week. 

Last election, they ran a freak show out of Houston.  This time it’s a Bimbo. 

Governor Good Hair might have been a joke to many, but at least he wasn’t a Bimbo.  He might have not been the sharpest tool in the shed, but at least he wasn’t crazy.  Between the Kenyan and the Thang, I’m beginning to think that’s all the Democrats can come up with.

The “Thang” (Wendy Davis) already has serious issues in her background, including a claim of having suffered mental health issues in a bogus lawsuit she filed against the Fort Worth Star-Telegram after it endorsed her opponent for a city council seat in Fort Worth. The newspaper had editorialized about what it believed were negative campaign tactics employed by Davis in that campaign for city council.

In addition to the mental instability revealed by that sorry episode, it appears that Davis also has a past that includes problems with illegal drugs and alcohol.  Read more here.

Yeah, Texas will be blue in about never.


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de Blahzero

The new Communist fool is already sticking his collectivist foot in his mouth.  This guy should already be taken out.  Like the trash of New York City.

Heads Up: Pres. Obama Speaks At The Conference Of Mayors

In office for less than a month, he arrived here for the winter meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors and was swarmed by men and women who hold the same title, but who wanted something from him: a photo, a few words, a blowjob?  Conversations were mostly about snow.

It was a spectacle of peer-on-peer admiration, with a touch of peer pressure, for Mr. de Blasio, the first Democratic mayor of New York City in 20 years, whose every liberal-leaning move or utterance is being watched for national implications and reverberations.  Look for New York to begin having major increases in homeless vagrants sitting along their streets, kids conducting knockout raids, and a very familiar appearance.  Akin to another Democrat bastion.  Detroit.  It will soon become known as Handout City.  Or worse.

He urged the hundreds of other mayors to join him in forging what he called a “national urban consensus” stretching beyond paid sick leave and prekindergarten to encompass transportation and affordable housing, and more.  All paid for through the theft of (robbing) others.

This clown thinks that because he put his name on a ballot, and happened to win a rigged election, that he is now somehow smarter than the average New Yorker.  Obviously, this is not true.  (even though the average New Yorker is not a good example of humanity to hold up for comparison)  I have both a better education, and higher IQ than this self-absorbed, communist, freak.  Yet, I know that I didn’t increase either just by getting elected, and re-elected three times.  Not one time did I wake up the next morning with an epiphany of any kind.  I was the same person.  No worse, no better, than any other person in town.  No.  To continue to turn this town around, make the gains we want, and keep it in the black, it was going to take everybody’s effort.  Everybody’s brains.  Not some ‘Urban’ anything.  The responsibility should be humbling and heavy.  Most of you would agree, and if you are ever in such a position, you will know to what I refer.   However, this is not so with many of the Socialist/Communist assholes.  Like Jewboy (Chicago) Rahm, or Nuttier than Granola (Philadelphia) Nutter.  They only seem to want the power to distribute out future pain and suffering.  They are narcissistic psychopaths.  They plan on starting off with the so-called ‘rich’.  But wait.  It won’t take them long to move down the income ladder. 

I know that my townspeople will be eating and living well, when his New Yorkers will be dying by the tens of thousands.  When de Blahzero will have already abandoned them for his private estate in central Georgia, where he will don a mustache and glasses and hide behind his hired (gun totin) bodyguard killers.  Like they will be able to keep him alive…)  We will be thriving, compared to most of America’s urban centers of higher civilization.   When the Mayors of this shameful group are hiding in fear.

Somebody should remove that foot (at the ankle), and either beat him to death with it or stuff it up his pompous, Communist, ass.

All I can say to de blahzero, is fuck you.  Fuck you, asshole.  And fuck your “National Urban Consensus” crowd of elected tyrants. 

If you are wealthy, or semi well-to-do, get out of New York State now!  You need to head out now.  Don’t wait for this jerk.  He’s not kidding.  (Just don’t move to Texas!  We don’t want you either.)


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I didn’t know this

Wendy Davis Biography:


1. Became a slut too early.

2. Got Pregnant due to the future “War on Women”.

3. Married her sperm donor.

4. Gave birth to an unwanted female child.

5. Became ambitious with Hillary Clinton, Katrina Vanden Heuval, Barbara Walters, and other Leftist liars as her role models.

6. Got sperm donor to pay for her college and Harvard Law education.

7. Upon graduating, dumped sperm donor.

8. Upon graduating, dumped female child.

9. Joined Marxist Democrat Party as a strident, shrill, “Useful Idiot.”

h/t: ET

My, my…  The things I learn on the INTERNET.  And the Democrats think that this thing, with the mole thang, is going to turn Texas blue?


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