Contract Labor

30 Dec

Lookie, lookie!  Look what the Communists are doing across the country!  In Washington State, where they elected an avowed Socialist/Communist, they are going crazy.  Even in our National Capital, the ruiners are running rampant under the Kenyan and his Comrades.  Communists and Radical Socialists are coming out of the woodwork for a new minimum wage.  $15.00 per hour!

Not only will it kill business, it will also put many of the lesser qualified people on unemployment. 

Where the next, real, fight will be. 

It is not the minimum wage fiasco where good, hard working, Americans need to concentrate their efforts.  It is to fight to make sure that their tax dollars don’t get poured into a never ending unemployment scam, like the one recently (but temporarily) ended.  The People who own this place need to fight, with weapons, if necessary, to insure that those who need a safety net doesn’t turn it into a diaper.  That the Communists and Socialists, the crooked Democrat Politicians and Judges, are shut up.  One way or the other.

The free market will take care of the Socialists and Communists.  Let them cut their own throats.  Let them starve. 

What will come out of this will be summed up in two words.

Contract Labor

Contract labor will not only provide a lower overhead for business, but give employers a better, more dependable, more qualified workforce.  One in which they don’t have to pay for benefits, including ObamaCare, or the hundreds of other work related (Lawyer inspired) requirements.  I use it here, and plan on using it more.  And we don’t have this foolish minimum wage.  It just makes sense.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s been the best way to go for years now.  Screw the Government!  Screw the Communists!

The future workplace of America will be Contract Labor. 

And this is good!

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