04 Dec

In this morning’s front page of Fox News website, the Kenyan administration is blaming George Bush for Iran getting nukes!  For them GETTING NUKES!  (They supposedly don’t have them, yet)  The headline states,

WHILE SECRETARY OF STATE John Kerry suggests the Bush administration’s inaction on Iran forced the US to make a nuclear deal with that country.

Now, the Kenyan has trotted Herman Munster out front to claim that the blame for that, which is not yet a fact, belongs to his predecessor, as though it is a fact.   Should he (Kerry) be in shackles, on his way to Leavenworth, right now?  Should the Kenyan, whose responsibility it is to enforce the laws of this nation and protect its interests, and whom approved these statements by Herman, be in transit to the same place?

This is ripe.  If, between his backing down from the Chinese (leaving four or five allies waving in the breeze), and now Iranian nukes (with yet another another four or five allies left hanging); if with all of Europe in the sites of a potentially new nuclear foe, is not enough for our military to make its presence known to displace this traitor, nothing will be.  Nukes on New York, Los Angeles, or Toronto.  Nukes on Tokyo or Seoul.  Nukes on Paris or London.  It is becoming evident that none of those would move these American-Communists into action.  And where is the Congress on these moves?  Have any of us heard one thing yet?  They should be screaming bloody murder by now!  Or do they even care?  Do they even matter?

Is Obama (the Kenyan) a Communist? 

Is George Soros after money and social controls?  Do bears shit in the woods?  Do the banksters give a damn? 

Americans, at large, are lethargic to say the least.   We hear how tired we are of war.  How we just want to be left alone.  I don’t think that anyone would accept a tragedy that makes 911 look like a walk in the park.   Nukes are an entirely different topic.   One that one doesn’t play Democrat Party games with.

It doesn’t get more serious than this. 

Will it take one (or a series) of these events to finally prompt our feminized military to finally put our women (that’s where we’re headed) on a front line somewhere in the ME or Asia?  Is that what they are waiting for?  It should now be evident that this man is doing everything in his power, both domestically and away, to destroy this nation.  Do you like your homes Mr./Mrs. Military General?  Do you love your family?  Do you?  We already know that you don’t love your Country. 

Letting this administration turn its back on future Iranian nukes, by blaming its predecessor is just unconscionable.


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2 responses to “Stunner!

  1. Dannyboy53

    December 4, 2013 at 8:35 am

    What they don’t say is scarey. The “blame game” is starting again so they must be preparing us for something that has unexpectedly gone awry.

    Initiate damage control mode.

    • The Soffitrat

      December 4, 2013 at 8:47 am

      Exactly, Danny! They are already in that mode. Which only portends a bleak future. These guys truly ARE amateurs. Our enemies are making hay.


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