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26 Nov

Accusing Washington of releasing a factually inaccurate primer that misleads the American public, the Iranian serial liars said today.  The Iranian foreign ministry official on Tuesday rejected the White House’s version of the deal as “invalid”.

“What has been released by the website of the White House as a fact sheet is a one-sided interpretation of the agreed text in Geneva and some of the explanations and words in the sheet contradict the text of the Joint Plan of Action, and this fact sheet has unfortunately been translated and released in the name of the Geneva agreement by certain media, which is not true,”  ~ Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Marziyeh Afkham

Iran’s right to enrich uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon, is fully recognized under the draft released by Tehran.  

“This comprehensive solution would enable Iran to fully enjoy its right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under the relevant articles of the NPT in conformity with its obligations therein.  This comprehensive solution would involve a mutually defined enrichment program with practical limits and transparency measures to ensure the peaceful nature of the program.  This comprehensive solution would constitute an integrated whole where nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.” 

The White House could not provide additional details on the time frame when approached on Tuesday.

“This may prove to be yet another worrisome sign that the Obama Administration was played by the Iranians. Their concessions were either illusory or meaningless, while ours will resuscitate the Iranian economy.” ~ (CUFI) Executive Director David Brog.

The White House said in its fact sheet on the deal that it could release up to $7 billion dollars to Iran during the first phase of the agreement.

For example, the United States additionally agreed to suspend “certain sanctions on gold and precious metals, Iran’s auto sector, and Iran’s petrochemical exports, potentially providing Iran approximately $1.5 billion in revenue,” according to the now disputed fact sheet.

Now, who do we believe?  The Iranian deceivers, whose religion mandates deceit, or the U.S. deceivers, as represented by the Anti-Israeli, Anti-American Dove’s, Secretary of State Herman Munster along with his boss, the Kenyan?

It’s a hell of a day when American citizens actually believe the former.  But this one does…

And this is not going to turn out well for anyone.  That word, ‘deceit’, is used again in their verbage.

“We were lied to, things were hidden from us.  The problem is not with the deal struck in Geneva but how it was done.” ~ Nawaf Obaid, senior advisor to the Saudi royal family

But it will get the Kenyan off of the ObamaCare hook.

He thinks.

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