Biometrics data

26 Nov

Today’s lessons

Refers to records used to uniquely identify people, such as fingerprints. Biometrics is the name given to the various methods of capturing, storing, and utilizing biometric data.  Two major uses of biometrics include the identification of individuals for the purposes of controlling access, and various applications for tackling and preventing crime.  Or just to add you to the government’s growing data files on average citizens.  It fits nicely in with your private SS, Credit, Tax returns, mortgage, work, and health care information.  How do you get there?  Any number of ways.  It could be as simple as standing on a street corner looking for a day job, or (if you live in California) getting stopped for having a tail light out.

Classified into two major categories, physiological and behavioral. 

Physiological biometric data relates to the physical aspects of a person’s body.  These include items such as fingerprints, retinal scans, and facial scans.

Behavioral biometric data, sometimes called behaviometrics, include signatures, handwriting analysis, and voice pattern recognition.

Why Is the Government Collecting Your Biometric Data?

Did you think that they weren’t doing this?  So, now you know.

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