Breaking News!

23 Nov

“We will have to pass it to see what’s in it.” ~ Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)


Now, we can only hope that the Ketchupman (aka Herman Munster), aka John Kerry, working on behalf of the Kenyan, has not sold us down the drain.  If we should have a nuke go off on or over a U.S. City, Territory, or Ally, what mode would you suggest that their deaths be by?  There are consequences for poor leadership.  There are ‘dire’ consequences for actions, laws, treaties (and the such) that could result in undue harms that could then be reasoned to be treason. 

If it turns out that Benedict Arnold could not have done more, then ‘dire’ will no doubt be the proper word.  

Herman Kerry does not remember the Hostage crisis, nor does he honor alliances.   Israel will, no doubt, go to war now.  With no choice, and having been left at the altar, they could go it alone.  And who can blame them honestly?  Listening to the so-called free (Pravda) American press is sickening.  His smart ass response to them was not called out by them, and he stiffed the American People.  I wonder if he knows that they have a rope waiting for him, should the Iranians (liars by religion) betray his ignorance?  This makes whether he still has his nose under Fonda’s tent a pretty petty issue.  Those days are over.  Remember, when everything is said and done, it was ‘we’ who put these people there.  It was ‘we’ who assured them of our perpetual protection.  It was ‘we’ who insisted on creating this situation.

Personally, I hope that the Saudis will quit accepting our dollar.  That they will, henceforth, begin to accept another currency for the purchase of their oil.  Effectively shutting down this sham of a government and economy we have.  Effectively shutting down all government agencies and entitlements, as well as wall street and the banksters.  We are (have become) a dishonorable people.  No doubt this is due to the lack of education at the hands of the many Communists within the government. Oh, they call themselves Liberals, Democrats, Environmentalists, and Progressives.  They are Communists.

Don’t be surprised to wake up on Monday to find that this is the case.  They (the Saudis) have already been working along side of Egypt to forge new and meaningful alliances with Russia and China.  This is only going to push them further away from us. Expect what was our ally, Israel, to join them.  There, you will find a new alliance.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

We are getting mighty close to the last straw.  Are you prepared?  This is what ‘your’ President has been working for.


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3 responses to “Breaking News!

  1. The Soffitrat

    November 24, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    Officials said the U.S. passed strong messages to Israel and the Saudis that the Americans maintain and control radar capabilities around the skies of Iran and that no strike should be launched without the permission of the Obama administration. The Kenyan is now protecting the Iranians! What are we to do?

    • Dannyboy53

      November 25, 2013 at 10:31 am

      Soffitrat I really believe there is nothing we can do at this point except to prepare for what will be a catastrophic event, prepare to protect ourselves to the best of our ability. Washington has taken us too far down a swift running river to turn back in my opinion. WHEN something as horrible as this happens, much (if not all) of the infrastructure of this nation will be destroyed. Those surviving will be fanatical in their demands for food, water, shelter, medical care, etc. Phones, vehicles, aircraft, boats, ships, television, radio, BANKS, fuel pumps…the list is limited only by our imagination, everything electrically powered will cease to function from the EMP.

      I know that you, Jamie and others who comment here are well aware of this, I’m preaching to the choir! My point is there are millions of people, some even sympathetic to our cause, that cannot conceive of the magnitude of events this will trigger. They are not physically or emotionally prepared for what we will be facing. Many will be vaporized in the initial blast, more will die a horrible and entirely unavoidable death of radiation, and so forth and so nauseam.

      This is when I believe the events recorded in the Holy Bible will be understood by most people. I am certainly NOT trying to convince people to believe as I do, we all have our own beliefs and those beliefs are protected according to our Constitution, that is as it should be. My belief is that communism is the great “booger bear” and Satan will be at the head of this entity. I do not consider myself a biblical scholar by no stretch of the imagination and there is much I do not understand. However I think the book of Revelation does a very good job of illustrating the incredible horrors millions of people around the world are going to face.

      Remember the line by Chief Dan George from the movie “Outlaw Josie Wells”?

      “Hell has come to breakfast”

      • The Soffitrat

        November 25, 2013 at 1:20 pm

        Yes, I remember. And that is, obviously, more than most people in this country can do. Here we are still fighting to keep the looters from winning elections by which we will destroy themselves. And us with them.


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