To the flame throwers…

15 Nov

‘Knockout’ moving West

All we hear about from the hypocrites on the blog sites these days is police brutality, police brutality, police brutality.  When it comes to racial issues, they throw out the R word liberally, and move quickly back to police brutality.  (This is probably because they are liberals)  All the while, conveniently dismissing other crimes of equal (or worse) actions and ramifications.  One such crime is the new game of Knockout.

What is even a greater crime than brutality on the part of our Police, and Justice System of the sometimes corrupt, over-educated, college students (aka Lawyers, Judges, Magistrates, and Politicians) is the abrogation of their duties.  Their willful failure to live up to their responsibilities to defend the innocent, draft enforceable laws according (in our case) to the 10 Commandments and the English Common Law, and to enforce those laws (punishment).

“Many of the concepts embodied in the U.S. Constitution—such as the separation and delegation of powers between three branches of government and the creation of an elective national assembly representing the will of the people—trace their roots to English law. Fundamental legal procedures applied in the U.S. civil and criminal justice systems also originated in England. The jury system, for example, slowly matured into its modern form over several hundred years of English history.”

The knockout game involves “unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders,” according to police who have had to deal with it.  A retired officer explained,

“Normally it was a group of black males, one of which would strike him as hard as he could in the face, attempting to knock him out with one punch,” ~ retired Sgt. Don Pizzo.  

The victims are typically not robbed, but simply punched with no provocation.  Such attacks have been reported in Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, and New Jersey.  All Democrat majoritied States.  Now, the Negroes are attacking Jews in NYC.  Another Democrat State.

But these are not hate crimes!  They are not because they are committed by black animals on unsuspecting innocents.  While the people in those States tolerate and even ask for this, they deserve it.  Until they begin to act like human beings, instead of weak sheep, this will continue.  It only happens because the Negroes know that they can get away with it. 
Let me accuse you now.  If police brutality is all you care about, you are a coward. 
Police neglect is even worse.  How many times have you heard Police officers talk digustedly about the justice system?   How long have they worked, without support?  Well?  Why should it surprise us that enough time has elapsed, to where we find ourselves at a point where the Police mentality has been cracked?  To the point where it has finally given in to the type of degradation to where we are beginning to see more and more of the untrained, un-vetted, jackboots being employed in this profession. 
We should either do away with ‘hate crimes’ altogether, or include these acts in the same category, and with the same set of guidelines and rules.  While they are both intolerable acts on behalf of our ‘trusted servants’, the one involves but a few bad actors.  The other is an entire system.  A system based on falsehoods.  Dangerous falsehoods that the establishment expects us to believe, and live by.  Falsehoods, when we all know that it is the truth that sets us free.
I am just waiting for four or five of these animals to get picked up in body bags.  Then a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand more!  Call me a racist.  I know that you will.  (Damn yo yo’s…)  It does not bother me, for when our society does collapse, they will not be long of this world. 
To my Progressive critic:
Especially the man who lives within 30 miles of one of the biggest cesspools in the world.  Those people are sometimes immigrants, themselves, and do not know what will come their way.  They only ‘think’ that they’ve got roots, but do not understand the meaning.  Their new neighbors do, but they don’t.  But they will.
People in the country might be nice.  They might have coffee with you.  This does not make you family.  It gives you no rights.  Not in their house.  But you keep on believing as you do.  Rural Texas is no different than rural anywhere.  All rural areas are the same.  You want to talk big about local, local, local?  You don’t know the meaning.  But you will. You have a City of 5 or 6 million nearby?  Just wait and see what happens.  Especially from an International Seaport City. 
No, the blacks in the country are not your friends anymore than anyone else is.  They won’t accept you, or your city intruders, anymore than anyone else.  They are a part of one family.  A family you will most likely never know.  Why don’t you just move back to your Northern City, where you came from?  You miss it?  Go back!  Or here’s an even better place for you.  The blacks (around here, anyway) do not want to put up with what I am speaking of here, the subject of this post, any more than any other person.  They are victims too!  Of the corrupt, systematic, and willful neglect of duty by our justice system.  But you want to call me a racist?  Just because you’ve got to show you’re still a man, or because your trying to impress some other Northern carpetbagger?  Well, shove it, dickhead.
But I digress.
For so long as we are free (which won’t be extended with morons like this), every American has the right to be self-deluded for so long as they choose.  I will fight for their right to be self-deluded too!
However, do you really think that by ignoring these crimes that you are being anything but that which you claim to despise?  That which you are so quick to attack?  That you are being anything but Politically Correct (PC) hypocrites?  That you are anything but cowards?
Do you really think, the way things are trending, that you will somehow just walk down the street in brotherly love, and unison, with these animals?  Do you not know that you are blurring racism with common sense?  Well?  That is what you are telling others to do.  Is that not what you attack anyone who chooses not to live in your world of self-deceptions and lies over?  Do you really believe that it is racist to call these acts anything but pure, unadulterated racism?  Well then, blow your smoke up someone else’s ass.
If so.  If you believe that way, then let me break it to you gently brother, that your President (Yes, YOUR President) has already made this all but impossible.  Now, you can run along and start blogging your true Progressive theme.  But spare us the Patriot motif. 
*  Which is exactly what this Northern insurgent has done.  By attacking someone calling out the system over these crimes, is he not actually supporting these crimes?  Defending, what I consider to be, the indefensible.  And does that not prove his ideology?  Now, if he can just remain as honest in all of his future posts. 
I wish him luck.  Knowing, full well, that this is where most Progressives fall off the wagon, I wish him luck.

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2 responses to “To the flame throwers…

  1. The Soffitrat

    November 17, 2013 at 2:32 am

    Can I believe that Carolyn and Nye are so stupid as to attack the contents of this? Do they excuse the system that neglects to call this a hate crime? Umm… Yep. The bozo’s like this tactic on our streets! What heathens! Ignorant heathens. Wonder what they’ll think when it happens to them? We already know that Carolyn can’t carry. Legally.


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