Prozac Patriots

12 Nov


Do you ever feel like you are simply surrounded by ignorance?

Does it appear daily to you that there is just no end to it? 

Whether it’s the backers of the Kenyan’s version of Health Care, that takes the care out of health, or the ‘self-anointed’ who want to kill the entire world (or anyone else who disagrees or fails to jump in lockstep with their radical views on murder), the Alec Baldwin’s of Liberty, the Prozac Patriots,

it finally becomes self-evident to you that there really is no difference.

You Can't Fix Stupid

Then you realize that, although the fools on the fearful right of the spectrum would deny it to the death, both groups are actually Federalists in nature.  The only difference is that the fools on the left, the Progressives, admit it and proudly fly that banner high, while the one’s on the right just bitch, moan, and (of course) threaten everyone outside of their (whose family trees don’t fork) homey gang.  

Give the power to the Alec Baldwin’s of Liberty, and just see if anything really changes.  Ask yourself just how long it would take that group to establish their own brand of tyranny.

When you reach these ‘Atlas Shrugged’ moments, and you know that it’s time to just disappear, remember this. 

“To leave them to their own devices in the greatest retribution of all.”

Alexander Hamilton’s view of human nature was shaped by his wartime experiences. All too often, he had seen people put their own interests and personal profit above patriotism and the needs of the country.

Most Federalists shared Hamilton’s view that people were basically selfish and out for themselves. For this reason, they distrusted any system of government that gave too much power to “the mob,” or the common people. Such a system, said Hamilton, could only lead to “error, confusion, and instability.”

So?  While the idiots leading the parade stay “on the porch”, who among you will jump off and go die for them?

Did I say it?

Calling all leaders!  We need you now.

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