Imaginary meetup

02 Nov

Well lookie lookie!

Look what the little (I wanna be a man) Sean Penn has to say.

Is he a homo-sexual?  Of course!  He looks like one.  He acts like one.  He must be! 

That is just as up front, honest, and honorable as what he has to say.  Since he wants to play by this standard, he can expect to receive the same.  However, in her case, his demeanor reminds me of a few radicals I’ve been observing on-line lately.  You may know some of them.  You know?  The ones who want to be your judge, jury, and executioner?

Penn, in this interview, keeps saying that he “thinks”.  “I think this” or “I think that”.  That is his biggest problem.  He “thinks”.  He “thinks” that he is the only one who can say nasty things.  In his mind, he is the only intelligent person.   He states that Tea Party members (the primary tax payers in the nation) need to be arrested, and taken off of the streets for their own safety.  That there is something wrong with them.  Well, there sure is, Miss Peen!  There must be.  They keep paying for the lazy, the ignorant, the corrupt…, and the untalented.  They must be sick.

I can’t tell you what I’d like to see happen to little Miss Peen, but it would have something to do with a meeting.  In a dark, secluded, alley.  With someone like one of those (even though killing wasn’t their mission) on-line ‘self-proclaimed’ SOG killers!

As long as we have as many idiots as we do, I just don’t know what the fate of this country will be.  We are, as is said, in deep shit.  Having fools like Peen doesn’t help the prognosis.  But then, that’s just my humble opinion.  What’s yours?

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