Things to come?

01 Nov

Is the Willhite Seed Company closing its doors?

I have been trying to reach them to verify the information I received just today.  No answer.

Is this just another American company no longer providing seeds for excellent prices?

Will this be the last one? 

IF this is true, and I have no reason to doubt the information, we don’t believe that it will be that last to go by the wayside.  Buy yours now.

Find a reputable seed company in your area, and stock up now.   Make sure that your seeds are heirlooms, and don’t pay more than the market should bear.  If this is true (and I will keep you posted), it is only one provider.  There is still time.  But that time might be running short.  On the other hand, if my information is erroneous, you have just found another source!  Either way, Buy Now!

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