The Choice is yours

31 Oct

No words needed.

Ted Cruz criticizes DOJ for arguing international treaty can trump the Constitution

Justice Department attorneys are advancing an argument at the Supreme Court that could allow the government to invoke international treaties as a legal basis for policies such as gun control that conflict with the U.S. Constitution, according to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Their argument is that a law implementing an international treaty signed by the U.S. allows the federal government to prosecute a criminal case that would normally be handled by state or local authorities.

“The Supreme Court should not interpret the treaty power in a manner that undermines this bedrock protection of individual liberty,”

Put these two on the same plate and then decide which meal you’re willing to swallow.  Freedom or shit?  Is it possible that certain laws can have no bearing?  Command no obedience nor compliance?  Just because a stack of papers is laid before us and labeled ‘law’, does not on its own mean a thing.  The government does not have the power to enforce even one law.  But for the free will of the people does a law have effect.  Nothing more, nothing less.

No words needed.

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