31 Oct

This weather has been great.  We just got an additional 1.5 inches of a light, soaking, rain over the past 24 hours.   This gives us about 7″ over the past two months and brought our water table back up to normal.  Lakes are full, gardens replenished.   Nature is progressing right along.  

The massive work of tree clearing all summer (by the local power company) has brought our town’s infrastructure back.   We are in great shape for what promises to be a harsh winter.  All gas lines were renewed a couple of years ago, with the new flex hose.  WWTP work is completed.  Renovating of old truck stop is under way.  The railroad (big generators) is rolling.


We have plenty of water and water sources.  Plenty of land to plant.  Another old house was removed yesterday (after, of course, hitting the old gas and water lines).  This will make room for new housing.  School is fairly new and teaching daily.  About the only thing remaining to be done is to bring the olde Baptist Church back to life.  It use to house nearly 100 in it (15 years ago), and there is just no excuse for not using it.  Besides, we may need the spiritual gathering place.  The Baptist Association over in Pittsburg owns it and stated that we can have it back anytime we want.  Freezers, Gasoline and diesel in quantities.  Best of all, coal is abundant.  Strip mining (before that in shafts, by mule and rail) has been going on for more than 100 years.  We just had a major grower relocate here.  Fleeing California, he bought 3,600 acres, and is setting up operations in a free state.

This old ‘railroad town’ (est. 1880) is back!

Fall has come to East Texas.  What were the things the men of the Alamo said, to the man, about Texas?


Just a few pieces of advice to those who would try carpetbagging their way into new neighborhoods.

People are not be as stupid as you would think of them.  Especially country people.  You are no longer in the city, with the illiterate and needy.  If you do not live there full time.  If you did not grow up there.  You may just be a carpetbagger.  To think that you can live in a city all of your life and one day just decide to take over a place when you feel like it is not a smart move, and may make you a carpetbagger.  That’s why God gave you elevators, and gave us wild hogs, or gators and such. 


You will already be there, when you arrive.

Don’t be surprised, when you get wherever you are going and look in the mirror, to discover that it is you who is looking back.  When you get there, you will be waiting for yourself.  The very same person that left Philadelphia, or Baltimore, or Washington D.C, or Chicago.  Just don’t forget that you have taken yourself with you.  That you have just arrived to your new destination with the very same mentality you left with.  The same fear, selfishness, self-centeredness, self-delusion, and self-pity that you left with.  That the person looking back at you in the mirror is the same one that allowed those places to become what you just fled from. 

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Good luck.  

Put down roots.  Participate and contribute.  Do not demand.  Never demand.   At this late date, you will always be ‘outsiders’.  Accept it.  People don’t like carpetbaggers.  Not even Northerners. 

We really aren’t impressed.  If you cannot change, you will die. 

Meanwhile, down here, we are as ready as we ever will be.

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