Beware of men-brats

25 Oct

While we are so quick to put up the abuses, ask yourself why the all too rare outcomes going the other way never get posted.  I just want to say,

“Congratulations to the Dallas PD and DA”, over this one.  This is encouraging and all we are asking for.

Texas: Officer Is Fired Over Shooting Caught on Tape


A Dallas police officer who shot a mentally ill man in an episode that was recorded by surveillance video has been fired and charged with felony aggravated assault, the police said Thursday.

Police brutality is a horrible, intolerable issue that needs coverage.  It is wrong and must be stopped!  If it happens one time, it’s too much.  The Police must be held to account, just like anyone else who commits a crime.  Society demands it.  To not stop this would place the people’s natural state over what society offers.  (see Locke or Cicero) There would be little difference.  Yet, how many sites do you think will put this story up?  I venture to say, none.  Not one.

Not in the days, when people “get off” agitating others over issues like Police brutality.  People who, most of the time, are people who (if they work at all) have a hard time holding a job.  All because they are special.  ‘Special citizens’ (to be precise), who shouldn’t have to put up with speeding and parking tickets.  ‘Special citizens’, who shouldn’t have to play by the rules like everyone else.  ‘Special citizens’, who hate any form of authority.  No siree!  They shouldn’t have to pay for their crimes or pay taxes, and to cover themselves they don’t think that we ought to pay either!

While those are separate issues that need to be addressed, many of which are some of the primary complaints of a people too long abused, they (alone) are not sufficient to declare war over.  

All that these men-brats do is muddy the water.  They divide people.  Their hate of authority is too often a ‘mama’ issue, not a reason for rebellion.  Certainly not a Revolution.  Not with millions of lives at risk.  And that is where they would take us.  A Revolution over police brutality?  Or a noisy neighbor?  Perhaps these men-brats should just try shutting the fuck up just once in a while?  And let the real men do the talking, and thinking.  There may well come the time for us to pick up our arms to defend our rights of self-governance.  I would hate to think that we got to that point over an issue of a man-brat not getting his way.

Have you seen this story up any sites?   Where everything is always negative?

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