13 Billion?

19 Oct

It appears as though Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan pissed of the ‘N’ word in the White House, aka the Kenyan, and that the same (NWH) charged his lapdog Attorney General, Mr. Slurpy, to devour Mr. Dimon.  And his Justice Department (all being good little Progressive Nazis) are doing just that.  Devouring J.P. Morgan.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate for Mr. Jamie Dimon to act like Ayn Rand, and pull something like she described in Atlas Shrugged?  For him to just shut down J.P Morgan and disappear somewhere, to never be found?  The “Too Big to Fail”, who our Government just had to save?  Oh, how ironic that would be.   And deserving!

Then we could all sit back and watch the Kenyan jump through his own black ass, as he watched the markets crash, and the Jew(killer), Soros, pick up the pieces.  I mean just where do you think that this 13 billion is headed anyway?  Oh, maybe the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ might get some of it, too.

While it is hard to feel sorry for Mr. Dimon (you swim with the sharks…), everyone should wake up and realize that we are becoming surrounded by criminals and traitors.  And know, that there is only one way of dealing with both. 

This (dealing with them) can never happen by hunkering down in some hole.  Our forefathers didn’t fight (and win) a Revolution by crawling away into the mountains.  Neither can we.  We have already witnessed (during the War of Northern Aggression) how fighting a defensive war turns out.  BTW, that’s how we got carpetbaggers in the first place, and we still have some of them floating around here, in Texas.

We must never again fight a defensive war.  We must never again be forced to endure the humiliation of an invasion of (new) carpetbaggers.  And don’t think that it can’t happen in Montana or New York.  Not when it’s already begun!  This is another reason why they are hoisting immigration upon us, and the primary reason why every American should be resisting that ‘movement’.

Yes, have your gardens, your caches, and your fall back (bugout) plans.  But understand that you cannot live the rest of your lives on the run.  Nor should you and your families have to.  Not unless you’re a made up Metro-sexual blow-hard, like so many others on computers these days, will you be willing to.  If we have to take Washington D.C. by storm, or lay siege to certain other places, so be it.  

Be prepared.  When they begin eating their own, as they are with J.P. Morgan, time is growing near.  Also remember, that one of our greatest strengths lay in the sheer land mass we control from the onset. With that land comes life.  The electricity, the food, the life.  Don’t cede it by crawling in a hole.  All the Progressive Democrats offer is darkness and death. 

About the land?

If you give it, they will take it.

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