Heirloom seeds

16 Oct

Where will we be at this time next month? 

Thinking ahead encouraged me, a long time ago, to stock up on plenty of garden seeds.  Along with most of my preps (you won’t hear about), I have kept a 1 acre garden going for the past six years.  Being one of the lucky one’s who gets chicken manure for free (it makes a huge difference), I can easily enlarge this irrigated plot of land to five or six acres in just a few hours.  Having the right equipment makes all the difference.  Today, I have enough seed to last me indefinitely.  Not only myself, but others around me as well.

Seeds.  Heirloom seeds.  If you’re a novice, look them up.  Find out what they are, where the government is going with respect to them, and why you might ought to begin thinking about putting in a garden of your own.

You can buy them just about anywhere.  In my AO, we have what’s called ‘feed stores’.  They sell them.

We also have ‘garden centers’.  They sell them.

We have ‘produce markets’.  They sell them.

You can find plenty of established companies on-line, from which to order your new heirloom seeds.

There’s plenty of information on gardening.  If you just don’t know, it’s OK.  It’s all over the net, and you are smart.  Keep in mind that there’s plenty of places all around you.  Here are just two for you to consider:

I have even found some hard-to-get seeds from one of my favorite people!  Thomas Jefferson’s own personal gardens provide an excellent opportunity for you to get started.  And that’s kind of a hoot!


There are even some do-it-yourself Blog sites that discuss gardening from time to time.  

Hell!  Even some of the smallest of towns in America have stores that sell seed.  Get there!

But then, I’m sure that most of you know this.

I buy from local people.  People I can trust.  If I buy on-line, I buy only from reputable companies who have been in business for a long time and have verifiable reputations. 

I watch out for the “trollers”.  Especially the one’s using the hook of patriotism.  Yes, they are out there.   Some are on-line.  Those, who like ‘the Kenyan’, will try to tell you that you can’t be a Patriot if you don’t blah, blah, blah.  In this case it’s “buy your seeds buy from them”.  Shop smart. 

But shop!

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