21 Sep

Is it time to eliminate the Muslim problem?  Is it time to begin removing these evil things from the face of the earth?

Everywhere we look, we see Muslims killing innocent people.  Kenya, Iraq, U.S., Russia, France, Israel.  Everywhere. 

Would mankind not be better off if these animals were just liquidated?  Perhaps, then, it is time for Russia, China, the U.S., and the remainder of the nuclear armed countries to reduce their arsenals though the targeted detonations on Muslim cities (primary, secondary, and tertiary), defense facilities, and Mosques around the world.  Perhaps all of their hospitals, factories, and other life-sustaining infrastructures could be targeted as well. 

We all know that if this is not done that the carnage will continue.  Civilized man will be forced to suffer and to wrestle with all of the problems that co-existence has brought us.  Would it not be better to eliminate all of them at once, rather than to kill one or two at a time after they have killed several hundred innocents, or one or two hundred at a time after they have killed thousands?

In the United States, the President, it is rumored, is a Muslim.  His administration is cozy with islamists of all stripes.  His Homeland Security is marching lock-step to his orders.  Even at the cost of American Citizen’s lives.  Just today, we had more Citizens harmed.  Attacks and murders of our own military and civilian population cannot be referred to as terrorism.  As the West accommodates these killing machines, they spread and infiltrate into everything they can.  

Of course, civilized man will never consider such a thing.  But is that all that makes us civilized?  Our collective stupidity?  What is the moral thing to do when dealing with immoral beings?  Is not an amoral act justified, and who is to say that this would be an amoral act?

Lost in our world of prepping (of preparing), we too often fail to address the importance of things like continuance.  Who are we?  What shall we be?

Questions abound.

We are not a prescient people, but will we know what to do when the time arrives in America?  

Will we find our lost morality?  Will it, like our common sense, be returned to us?  Will we be up to the difficult tasks that will lay before us?   And is this something we can afford to overlook?  Does this not, then, warrant guidance from a higher power?

Then I must decide, now.   Where the moralities of others end, and my own prevail.  What I am willing to suffer, and what I am not.



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3 responses to “Morality

  1. Dannyboy53

    September 21, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    What you have written here sounds harsh, even down right evil to some but…HELLO…this is not the country we grew up in anymore, it is not a “civilized” world. There are millions of people that want our way of living radically changed, they despise us because we do not believe or think as they do. Christian, conservative people live in a sea of evil murderous animals and we simply must do whatever it takes to protect what is rightfully ours. We have no government to exercise its constitutional duty of protecting us and it has long ceased its purpose of conducting the day to day activities required to run our nation for us. In fact, the people running our government have hijacked it and transformed it into a nightmare of tyranny so we are suffering a double whammy!

    I fear the judicial use of our Second Amendment is the only recourse.

    • The Soffitrat

      September 22, 2013 at 11:10 am

      And now the Kenyan will be coming after our guns again. we will soon be confronting his goons. Not to mention the task of eliminating his constitution-hating trolls from our political landscape. They must not get past first base, but be shut down before they begin. Guns are a ‘flex item’. No negotiating. None at all. Even the laws that are on the books now, will soon be non-issues. But, like he orders, they just keep on pushing. They don’t know what they do. They truly don’t.

      • Dannyboy53

        September 26, 2013 at 11:50 pm

        When they fully implement obamacare and start seizing “arms” they will find out what they don’t know.


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