Janet Yellen

15 Sep

Vice Chair Janet Yellen, the head of the San Francisco regional Fed bank and then on the Fed’s board, will become the next Fed chairman.  Is Yellen, like Louis Lerner, a woman who would do anything, even if it is possibly against the law, to advance her Progressive ideology? 

With Bernanke’s plan to begin tapering off on the QE, expect it to be someone who is extremely active politically.  Someone who has agenda driven motives that align with the Kenyan’s.  Someone who is willing to put their own safety and reputation on the line in order to advance that agenda.  Someone who is not very scrupulous, or very smart.  That could be Janet Yellen.

This photo combo shows Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen, left, and former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is expected to step down when his second term ends in January 2014, and the contest to succeed him has turned into a public struggle between Yellen and Summers. (AP...

This is exactly why (not that all of “the Kenyan’s” nominees aren’t Progressive hacks) Yellen, and nobody else, will be our next Fed Chairman Chairperson.

The question before Larry Summers dropped out was does the Kenyan give up on Obamacare or Larry Summers?  Now that Summers is gone, where will he go? 

but to war.

Both areas of immediate concern to the citizens of this country are not looking good at this point.  After all, everything is tied together, politically, in this administration.


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3 responses to “Janet Yellen

  1. Jamie

    September 15, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    I’ve seen a few stories and feelers that are starting about printing money and giving it to the “serfs” Quote Ben Bernanke’s helicopter money unquote. Since consumers are not spending the PTBs are thinking about kicking off a massive inflation/hyper inflation cycle. Instead of wages going up the PTBs are going to do it via the tax code/entitlements.
    I’m sure it will be quite popular for the first month but when 30% and higher inflation starts hitting on the stuff you need and you lose another 30%-50% of buying power things will go from bad to worse.
    Most americans are debt junkies. They will not pay off debt even with inflated dollars but will go buy more crap on credit they don’t need and simply become debt slaves to the PTBs.


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