Benghazi who?

08 Sep

The Kenyan is having difficulty with accumulating allies to his side in the Syrian blame game he is trying to play.  Putin and the Russians are refusing to cooperate in what they believe was not a Syrian Government gassing of civilians.  Instead, they believe that it was the Syrian rebels and our allies Al Qaeda that was behind these attacks.  Even the Germans are now reporting this to be the case

What to do, what to do?

It is now being reported that Benghazi is even creating problems for the Kenyan at home.  

(We have long be warned to watch what their left hand is doing while they are moving their right hand.  It’s called sleight-of-hand)

We can’t have this.  Above all else, the leadership of the Democrat Party cannot afford this.  How will they ever be able to get “Killer” elected President?  For without her in office, they will never be able to turn over the reigns (treaties) of the U.S. government to the United Nations (he’s big on them right now), get martial law (not without their race riots) declared, or even confiscate the guns of American (pet project of “Killer”) citizens.  Everything hangs on the balance for them.  They must go back to clean up their mess in Benghazi, or forget all of their work to date.  But can they do this?  Will they even try?

Well, it may not be necessary.  It might have never been in the works anyway.  Is this why the Kenyan just went to sleep on that fateful night?  Is this why “the Killer” (not Jerry Lee) arranged the attack on our embassy, only to not respond to their calls for assistance?  We had to get into Syria, and we had to get into Syria with these murderers.   No matter what.   This Administration couldn’t kill them!

Watch what they do next.  Watch what all of this result in.  Here are just a few questions for you to consider…

Is work being done now on the details of a Russian/Chinese cessation of bond financing?  Are our officials already in deep negotiations with our enemies, for our adversaries to begin calling in our debt?  Will this result in the pre-planned (with Administration and Federal Reserve assistance) collapse of our dollar?  Is this all the result of months of planning and hard work?  So, this is how it ends? 

Nice, huh?  And just in time for winter.  Does this guy have it right?

Are you prepared?  Get to work!

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