Why No Movement?

20 Aug

Remember these two find young people?  Tortured, raped, mutilated?  By Blacks.


Nothing has been done.  Why?  Is this not considered to be a crime by our racist Attorney General and acting POTUS?  Black on white crime is not a crime in this country.  Only an assault on black people is considered to be a hate crime.  Blacks can kill white, hispanic, or asians with impunity.  And why not?  When the chief law enforcement officials in this nation permit it?

Now this.

‘There’s our target’: Christopher Lane gunned down by three ‘bored’ teens who wanted to kill someone for fun

Christopher Lane, who was visiting the town of Duncan, where his girlfriend and her family live, had passed a home where the three boys were staying and that apparently led to him being gunned down at random.

The media initially (once again) failed to report the fact that two of these murderers are black.  But they are…

Two teens charged with killing Chris Lane

James Edwards one of two boys charged with first-degree murder.

Chancey Luna was also charged with first-degree murder.

Chancey Luna was also charged with first-degree murder.

And their black parents are doing the same, Trevon Martin, things.  Claiming their little children didn’t, couldn’t, do such a thing.    Well, just like the little animal, Martin, they did.   They were observed on camera.  And they should pay. 

Why has nothing been done in Tennessee?  Because we have a government that is chocked full of corruption and vice, and because certain individuals (like Carolyn 2.0) keep giving these people a free license to continue this behavior.  Your POTUS, has intentionally encouraged this behavior.  So has Holder.  Blacks know (or believe) that they will not be prosecuted and that it’s alright to just kill ‘whitey’ for all of the injustices they can perceive.  And they are!  Some white people are among those who are quick to jump on whitey too!  People who are too quick to defend blacks.  They even make direct threats against anyone that upsets their little, make believe, world.  What they frivolously call ‘racists’.  Did I say ‘punks’?  Full, for some unknown reason, of white guilt.  Guilt that overrides common sense and human decency.  These ‘white people’ are just as much to blame for these acts, as our AG, President, and the parents are!

BTW, the parents of minors such as these, who raised these animals, should pay too!  Hopefully, these parents will do the right thing, and quit just denying the act.  As hard as this is for them, hopefully, they will act like adults.

Enough is enough.  When white America gets enough, this will end.  And the blacks committing these acts will stop.  Call it a hate crime for defending yourself.  When people finally start defending themselves or even exacting justice.  Call it whatever you like, but in a system that they created, and that is failing them, it is still called justice.  I submit, and have more experience with blacks than most any white person in America, that when you want equality, when you want to help, try treating blacks as adults.  With the same limits and laws that we all enjoy.  When they screw up, just treat them like adults.  You might just be surprised. 

Walker damn sure would have.


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20 responses to “Why No Movement?

  1. Dannyboy53

    August 20, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    The hypocrisy of all this is infuriating. We can never expect communist agitators like Sharpton or Jackson to step up and scream that this must stop and these cro-magnon rabbit-clubbers must be punished to the fullest extent and expeditiously. Yet we have come to expect them (and others, black or white) to run forward to diligently and loudly defend criminals SOLELY BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR that have been shot down while committing their criminal acts. It is well documented that virtually NO ONE associated with the Zimmerman trial mentioned racism in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Until people like Sharpton came slithering in at the head of his nauseating slime trail to start screaming about the injustice to poor little black Trayvon. Personally I take solace in the idea that the fires of hell will be extra hot for the likes of his lying hypocritical black ass.

    Defending black criminals gets them a lot more mileage…more media coverage, more money! Truth be known they don’t give a rats ‘obese rear-end’ about the person allegedly wronged, it simply gives them more “face time” and stirs up more shit. Obviously nothing more than for personal gain. If they cared about the black people one would think they would be addressing their problems of crime, unemployment, high rate of unwed mothers (which the federal regime perpetuates), and on and on and nauseaum.

    For example, after the Tawana Brawley case that caused such a shit-storm:

    “Perry McKinnon, a decorated black Vietnam vet and former police officer, told federal investigators that Rev. Al had admitted privately that he didn’t believe Tawana Brawley’s story, but intended to ride it to fame and glory.”

    McKinnon stated: Sharpton acknowledged to me early on that “The Brawley story do sound like bullshit, but it don’t matter. We’re building a movement. This is the perfect issue. Because you’ve got whites on blacks. That’s an easy way to stir up all the deprived people, who would want to believe and who would believe — and all [you’ve] got to do is convince them — that all white people are bad. Then you’ve got a movement…. ”

    “This whole situation is not about Tawana Brawley. It’s about Mason, Maddox, and Sharpton taking over the town. Their exact words were, “We beat this, we will be the biggest Niggers in New York.”

    The Most Reverend Al Sharpton, Dimwit Extraordinaire, really should be more careful about who he shoots his mouth off to! The communists in our once highly venerated halls of government, have set the stage for all this crap. They have been doing it for YEARS.

    Now it’s too late for these victims above. The people that should have the most to say and do about the deaths of these victims don’t give a damn. They are only interested in things like…golf….dancing…running guns to our enemies.

    America has lost again, we have to wonder…what benefit might have come to us as a people from this lost youth? We’ve all lost a little something because of a gang of lawless, Godless, shit stinking gutter trash. That’s the best I can do for those cretins, at least in the printed word!

    We will continue to see incidents like this and I believe they will even increase in numbers and intensity as time goes on. All because of a damned “blame game” by some communist black agitators and a regime that does not care about ANYONE but themselves.That is why these young people died a horrible death.

    Their blood cries out to God for Justice and it WILL be done.

  2. The Soffitrat

    August 20, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    Well stated, Danny. You are spot on. Justice to those who perpetrated these acts, and to all of those who endorse, or turn their ignorant faces, will come. White, Black, or Purple. They will answer someday. There are people, some in high positions and some in low positions, that will never know what hit them. BTW, Walker was a black man. A good man.

    • Jamie

      August 21, 2013 at 12:23 am

      I wish others would see the out right hipocracy the liberals issue forth. Like some how white folks will become some kind of vigilante hunters of some sort and simply see people only in the context of race. We don’t do that stupid is stupid, evil is evil and the race is irrelevant. I don’t care if you are white, black, Asian or Chicano you attack me I will defend myself and I will do the same for all of my neighbors. The news media and the Obama class warfare crap they are using to distract from their evil and incompetent administration if not sanctioning it is a big part of how racism get so much play and divides people.
      I was a girl that played and wanted to play football in Idaho back in the late 70’s before it was trendy. I did the work and was pretty darn good and proved myself. Should proving myself been needed. I don’t know but every guy on my team knew I earned my position and knew I could play the game. Was it fair probably not but life isn’t fair! Fair is for play grounds and children. Life is hard grow up!!

      • Dannyboy53

        August 21, 2013 at 9:54 am

        I applaud you Jamie! This makes me think of my wife, Mary. She grew up on a farm raising horses and cattle and has known hard work all her life. Today she manages a ranch raising, training and selling Arabian horses and up until last April she was breaking them! Speaking of “breaking”, she has broke about half her bones and in April broke her neck! She is fine now, with surgery (plate in her neck) and determination to do what she likes to do, she sees life as the extreme challenge never having been one to sit on her butt. She is a Cherokee Indian and is fiercely proud of that however she wants nothing from anyone that she did not earn…especially from “government”. Her gender never figured in the “equation”, she simply does what she likes to do and does it with a passion. At times she raised the eyebrows of many men in the corrals and round pens when they saw this little woman (she could take a shower in a shotgun barrel) step up on a horse that had never been rode…and the battle of wills began. She has yet to leave a horse unbroken, I’m damned proud of her!

        Attitude is what life is all about, not gender, race, or religious beliefs. Be what you are but be your BEST…get off your whining ass and go for it instead of blaming everything or everybody else for your misfortunes.

        • The Soffitrat

          August 21, 2013 at 10:04 pm

          I have two daughters. One will shoot her own foot off, but isn’t afraid to pick up a gun. The other one will shoot your head off. Both are more than capable, and I’ll put them up against any guys. With either of my long guns. Course, the guns make the difference. 🙂

      • Dannyboy53

        August 24, 2013 at 9:38 am

        Jamie you are “high speed-low drag” in my book! I salute you.

  3. The Soffitrat

    August 21, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    I thought that you started this? A previous post of yours was brought to my attention. If I am wrong, please accept my apology.

      (No. On second thought, don’t accept my apology.)

    People, however, shouldn’t start something (especially on the word of someone who knows nothing/whom has never been met, and whom someone couldn’t care less about) with someone they know nothing about.

    I don’t know who you are, and have no reason to approach you. I don’t make a point of taking drive-bys at people I don’t know, and I don’t. (To each his own.) But like you, I don’t appreciate it being done to me, either.

    As far as manning up? I’ll chalk that statement up to something else.

    No, I really don’t have anything to say to you. Let’s keep it that way.

    • Kerodin

      August 22, 2013 at 5:05 am

      What is it you think I started? Why did you edit your “Carolyn III” remarks out of your post? If I am one of the “Hate Whitey Punks” who is “…filled with white guilt…” who has something coming to them, spit it out. I’ll meet anyone, any time on any street corner in America if you think I need sorting out. Texas is an easy drive. If not, keep my name out of your fucking mouth, in code, in public, and otherwise.


  4. The Soffitrat

    August 22, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    I apologize for the comments of a few. There are a few unhappy people. Who, by the way, might be considered unstable. Who want to kill the entire human race. While most people are out earning a living, supporting their families, a few just play, and play, and play. Again, my apologies to all. These children will not appear here again.

    • Dannyboy53

      August 22, 2013 at 5:36 pm

      No apology necessary Soffitrat!

  5. Jamie

    August 23, 2013 at 1:00 am

    rat, I love you and I don’t beielive in turnining a blind eye to reality. But I don’t think you see the true economic issues of how the haves and have nots are potrayed.
    Please don’t think I’m offering excuses for poor folks or (not haves) at best I hit lower middle class when in the Army as a SSG. You know I’m a disabled vet, I’m female hell you might even guess I’m white and you haven’t given me grief about being on the “dole” so to speak as you think I earned it. I don’t care how people choose to define themselves. Assholes are assholes!

    I have no problem calling liberals out the bias. But I do see most of what is portrayed as racism as a class warfare scheme by the PTBs. Rat I think you are wrong to focus on race when it is a mindset of entitlement. But this isn’t the first time I have had that arguement. folks of goodwill and sseking the truth should and can discus anything. Even stuff that makes us uncomfortable. Bring the idea into out in the light of day and lets take a look at it. If you disagree with me or agree with me lets just tear racism apart and honestly dicuss it.

    • The Soffitrat

      August 23, 2013 at 3:30 am

      Jamie, I appreciate what you have to say. On race, most of what I have to say is for reaction.

      As Cicero said, “True Law is Right Reason… consonant with nature, and spread through all people.” I will pick up from there later.

      There are traitors among us. We have been infected. But not to worry. The virus protection I have installed, has done its job.

    • The Soffitrat

      August 24, 2013 at 11:40 am

      • Dannyboy53

        August 24, 2013 at 1:25 pm

        The TRUTH is often painful and hard to swallow but it always comes out. And it must be faced to be dealt with properly, but it does set you free.

        My apologies for injecting myself into your conversation…just my 2¢ worth!

        • The Soffitrat

          August 24, 2013 at 3:08 pm

          The more the merrier! Except government trolls, agitators, or intentional liars. They are not welcome here any longer. We have real issues, real challenges, and real solutions to discover.

        • The Soffitrat

          September 6, 2013 at 4:09 pm

          Danny, did you watch the Glen Beck show on Friday? If you did, then you will understand why Carolyn and his punk ass friends, can kiss my ass. Yankee bastard that’s a federal lap dog? Fuck ’em! Fuck ’em all! Their opinions mean nothing (nothing) to me. Those kids in Tennessee were brutalized beyond comprehension, and punks like Carolyn, who would defend the murderers, should shut the fuck up. Bring it on down to Texas, you sonofabitch. Bring it. If you’re man enough. I’m with the father of that girl, when he promises to end their sorry lives at his earliest opportunity.

  6. Jamie

    August 24, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Rat I have seen it ,but take a look at was has happen to the groups the “progressives” say the want to help. Native Americans of the late 1800’s moved on to reservvations and fed , eduacated, basically an early welfare program by the government. The reservations should be economic powerhouses but are still managed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and are usually blead\k and dismal places.
    Blacks had stable families and were slowly making their way up into solid middle class and the civil rights act was needed at the government level,. Mostly to get the government out of the way of blacks progress! Now here come the progressives to help the blacks with welfare and they destroy the black family and neighborhoods.
    Now the early 70’s and the progressives have to help the poor Chicanos and migrant workers. More welfare and destruction of very stable families and the dustruction of Catholic religon that gave the chicanos and hispanics families strong morals.
    1970’s again but now the progressives are going to help women and end up destroying families of all races.
    Now they are out in the open and giving handouts to everyone even to the point of forcing people to take the handouts (Obamacare). Who do you think is the fastest growing segment that is having children out of wedlock, not getting married and shacking up and getting food stamps. It’s whites.
    That’s why we now have nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps. That is hook of dependence and then the government can control you. This is just a means to and end!

    It ain’t about race it’s about good and evil!

    • The Soffitrat

      August 24, 2013 at 8:14 pm

      Exactly! Wait till you see what is in store for us. What the same ‘elites’ have planned for us through events taking place today in the ME.

      Race? Insurance coverage? Corruption? All, non-issues.

      We think, form opinions, and act on our emotions these days. This comes from our lack of experience, and proper education. That is what is taking place with these blacks. They are not thinking things through, and cannot worry about consequences they do not believe will ever occur. They are emotionalized into thinking they are actually doing good for their race. And they have been encouraged to think this way! So, it is race. But it is also, Evil. Race is a nice domestic cover for what is actually getting ready to take place on the world scene.

      But are we obliged to play this game?

      Information and knowledge are the greatest commodities we possess. While we should be accumulating and sharing these commodities, we spend our energies throwing barbs, acting tough, and making shallow threats. Again, all based on our emotions. Then, we are no different.

      I am not going to play with ‘the children’. Although I am new to this world and am not familiar with the players, I am learning. We (I) don’t have the luxury of time, nor the luxury of getting, keeping, and playing with resentments like some do. If, from time to time, I step on the toes of my fellows, so be it. They will either get over it…, or they won’t.

  7. Jamie

    August 24, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    Rat I still use logic, concrete thought and trust my gut, or call it female intuition. This economic system will collapse! That’s not emotion that is math and compound interest. Every paper currency will fail. That’s not emotion that is over 10,000 years of human history.
    Our Elites are not smarter, nor more practical than a Middle Ages robber barons. What has America invented since the 1960’s? Oh sure we have made and monetize previous inventions. Where is the Singer sewing machine, The cotton Gin? How about Edison and all of his inventions. We have americans and the West have nearly all of human history at our finger tip and the best we can come up with is LOL Cats.
    I don’t if you folks have ever read Terry Goodkind’s books that start with the “Wizard’s First Rule” but it’s great!


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