25 May

I’ve heard it said that the people can never resist.  That to confront our government would only fail.  That the ‘We the People’ have no chance against such powerful forces. 

That is but an example of the asymmetrical warfare already taking place.

Definition: “Not identical on both sides of a central line.”

Asymmetrical Warfare


What we are witnessing is an intentional compilation of strategically placed events, with accompanying leaks, on the part of every Federal branch and agency within the government.  Whether or not both sides (Republican & Democrat) are agreeing in total, they are certainly complicit in many of the actions that we are seeing occur.

Whether the conflicts taking place within the Federal Government, between the two players is asymmetric, or not, in every case is not as important as the fact that they do cross paths occasionally in a common objective.  That objective? 

Complete control over the people.  The destruction of Constitutional guarantees.  The breaking of the social compact between the people.  The warfare taking place for this control is certainly asymmetric.

It is not important as to why they are doing this.  It is too late to stop it.  Whether, in their minds, it is to save the country from an economic collapse (that they caused), turn it over to foreign interests to create a new world order, or just to ‘transform’ (there’s that word again) it into something old and dark, matters not.  Rest assured, it will be something that is sure to be foreign to all Americans.

…and this all is designed to lead us to the next phase.


What I would suspect that we’ll see this government attempt in the next few months will be an extension of this strategy.  Expect the party in power to set up a series of events which will enable a declaration of martial law.  Understand, this is to keep us safe from the (pre-planned) looting mobs, the disgruntled Patriot movements, and even the militias.  In other words, from ourselves! 

Local law enforcement is not critical to these folks.  As a matter of fact, in many cases they will prefer not to have them in the way.  However, in certain cases they will become the epitome of useful idiots.  They will be used as the tip of the spear to confront (get their asses shot off) the unruly people in the streets.  This will be done under the guise of keeping law & order.  When neither exists! 

They are expendable, and their demise will only serve to facilitate and expedite the plan. 

Don’t expect toe see the ‘in uniform’ George Kennedy cop character on the streets.

This takeover will not be like any Hollywood movie.  Neither will the antagonist have to worry about the vast majority of the people.  They know that most will quickly be consumed with just surviving another day.  Take the NE for example.  The stores will empty quickly, and within three weeks they will be cannibalizing in sporadic areas.  An act that will actually spread rapidly.  TPTwB plans to address these areas before it actually gets too far out of hand.  Remember, many of these people hail from those parts and have plans for their continued future use.  (One does not shit in his own mess kit)  However, to do so, the authorities know that they must have the rest of the country, the ‘critical’ parts of the country, under control.  Complete control.  This will be accomplished through asymmetrical warfare.

Yes, look for tanks and armor.  Look for drones.  Look for Homeland Security and Northcom SWAT teams.  Anyone resisting will either be shot or hauled off to prearranged places for ‘processing’.  Look for neighbor to turn in, and against, neighbor.  The media will inundate everyone with propaganda on a daily/hourly basis.  Informants will be everywhere.  It will turn into a blitzkrieg.  The race will be on to return to those areas of degeneration quickly.  Before they become un-salvageable.

Asymmetrical warfare.  That is what is coming.  That is the plan.  The so-called ‘experts’ have it all laid out. 

But what if….?

Asymmetry works both ways.  Stay tuned.  I’ve already laid out at least three ways to defeat it.


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3 responses to “Asymmetric

  1. Dannyboy53

    May 25, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    If the regime is thinking in these terms, I feel this is a grave misjudgement of many American people. Admiral Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy is credited with saying, right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor…”I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant”. After that sleeping giant got back on his feet he kicked the ass of the Imperial forces. Had they been so inclined, the American forces had the capability to annihilate the Japanese race. That is not our way of doing things, we seek Justice and peace, not retribution. Japan realized after the war, we can be your best friend or you worst nightmare.

    In 1979 we saw one of the worlds largest, modern, well equipped armies invade Afghanistan, that event taught the Soviets the invasion was not going to be the cakewalk they thought it would be! Poorly trained (if they had any training at all) and miserably equipped, Afghans went up against the Russian Army with little more than WWII era Lee-Enfield bolt action rifles.

    “The Mujahedin proved to be a formidable opponent. They were equipped with old rifles but had a knowledge of the mountains around Kabal and the weather conditions that would be encountered there.”

    “By 1982, the Mujahedin controlled 75% of Afghanistan despite fighting the might of the world’s second most powerful military power. Young conscript Russian soldiers were no match against men fueled by their religious belief. Though the Russian army had a reputation, the war in Afghanistan showed the world just how poor it was outside of military displays.”

    The Afghan people were fragmented as a nation because of their beliefs and Tribal loyalties but came together during this time against a common enemy. We all know the outcome of that fiasco!

    “Mikhail Gorbachev took Russia out of the Afghanistan fiasco when he realized what many Russian leaders had been too scared to admit in public – that Russia could not win the war and the cost of maintaining such a vast force in Afghanistan was crippling Russia’s already weak economy.”

    There are parallels here that I believe can NOT be ignored, either by the American Patriot or the present regime. Americans have long been divided on many issues, possibly more so now than ever in our history and for obvious reasons. But when attacked, in virtually EVERY war/conflict the American people have rallied together. The regime can not survive against a totally united front and history has taught them that for the past century! As a result of those lessons learned, they resort to that age-old tactic of divide & conquer, by injecting all sorts of divisive rhetoric and events into our society and hoping it will work. This strategy is a MUST for them to survive, a MUST!

    Possibly the British were thinking along these lines on April 19, 1775. Maybe the Japanese were thinking the same thing about America in 1941. Probably the Russians were thinking the same about the Afghan people in 1979. Maybe the present regime is thinking the same thing today! Big mistake.

    “It’s the unconquerable soul of man, not the nature of the weapon he uses, that insures victory.”
    -General George S. Patton Jr.


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