Patriot Companies

10 Mar

Giving a whole new meaning to the term PC. 

Below is a list of companies that stand with us.  They are no longer selling to the governments who would put them out of business, violate our Constitution, deny our heritage, or leave us vulnerable.

2A Armament  2013-02-22 
2A Firearms  2013-02-22 
3 Rivers Precision LLC  2013-02-22 
3R1 Technologies  2013-02-25 
Able Company Sports LLC  Long Standing 
Aero Precision  2013-03-04 
Alex Arms  2013-02-17 
Allegiance Ammunition  2013-02-22 
Allied Armory  2013-03-01 
Allstar Tactical  2013-02-25 
Alpine Guns  2013-02-25 
American Spirit Arms  2013-02-19 
AmmoClip  Long Standing 
Antares Arms  2013-02-21 
Badger Peak  2013-02-22 
Barrett  Long Standing 
Big Horn Armory  2013-02-22 
Big Sky Ammunition  2013-01-01 
Bison Armory  2013-02-25 
Bison Tactical  2013-02-28 
Black Mountain Survival  2013-02-25 
Boise Tactical LLC  2013-02-24 
Bravo Company USA  2013-02-20 
Bullwater Enterprises LLC  2013-02-16  dba A & T Firearms
Cheaper Than Dirt  Long Standing 
Citizen Arms  2013-02-23 
CMMG  2013-02-22 
Competition Machine Inc  2013-02-27 
Controlled Chaos Arms  2013-02-22 
Critical Survival LLC  2013-02-24 
Crusader Weaponry  2013-02-21 
Csspecs Magazines  2013-02-24 
Daniel Byer FFL  2013-02-24 
Dead Bang Guns  Long Standing 
Deep South Ammo  2013-02-27 
Delmarva Shooting Supply  Long Standing 
Dogleg Arms  2013-02-24 
DownRange Defense, LLC  2013-02-27 
Evolution Weaponry  2013-02-18 
Exile Machine  2013-02-01 
Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC  Long Standing 
Franklin Armory  2013-02-22 
Gadsden Guns, Inc.  Long Standing 
GunUp  2013-02-27 
Gwacs Armory LLC  2013-02-24 
Hansohn Brothers  2013-02-27 
Head Down Products, LLC  2013-02-20  Currently applies to New York State only
Huntertown Arms  2013-02-24 
Iron Goat Guns  2013-02-16 
J&G Sales, Ltd  2013-02-20 
J&T Family of Companies  2013-02-19  J&T Distributing, Ace Limited, DoubleStar Corp., DoubleStar Training Academy
JABTAC  2013-02-22 
JCW Industries  2013-02-25 
Jeremy Kupper’s Gunsmithing  2013-02-26 
King Armory MFG LLC  Long Standing 
Kiss Tactical  2013-02-20 
Lanco Tactical LLC  2013-02-22 
LaRue Tactical  2013-02-08 
Lauer Custom Weaponry  2013-02-22 
Liberty Suppressors  2013-02-19  Currently applies to New York State only
Magpul  2013-03-01 
MFI  2013-02-24 
MidwayUSA  Long Standing 
Midwest Industries, Inc  2013-02-28  Currently applies to Milwaukee
Midwest PX LLC  2013-03-01 
NEMO Arms, Inc  2013-02-21  Currently applies to New York State only
Next Step Tactical, Inc  2013-02-23 
Norton Firearms  2013-02-22 
OCS Guns  2013-02-23 
OFA Tactical  2013-02-17 
OJ’s Gun Shop  2013-02-23 
Old Grouch’s Military Surplus  2013-01-15 
Olympic Arms  2013-02-12  Currently applies to New York State only
One Source Tactical  2013-02-22 
Paige Firearms  2013-02-25 
Precision Firearms  2013-02-25 
Predator Intelligence  2013-02-01 
Predator Tactical  2013-02-23 
Primary Weapons Systems  2013-02-19 
Progressive Micro Devices  2013-02-23 
Quality Arms Idaho  2013-02-19 
Reaper Tactical LLC  2013-02-22 
Red Jacket Firearms  2013-02-21 
Rhino Arms LLC  2013-02-23 
RL Hydro-Graphix  2013-02-27 
Rock River Arms  2013-02-21  Currently applies to New York State only
Rocky Top Tactical  2013-02-22 
RRC Firearms, LLC  2013-02-28 
Semper Fi Arms  2013-02-22 
Shade’s Landing Inc.  2013-02-14 
Smith Enterprise, Inc  2013-02-17  Currently applies to New York State only
Snake Hound Machine  2013-02-17 
Southern Appalachian Arms  2013-02-15 
Southwest Shooting Authority  2013-02-09 
Spike’s Tactical  2013-02-18 
SRT Arms  2013-02-22 
Stoner Arms  2013-02-22 
Tactical Solutions  2013-02-20  Currently applies to New York State only
Templar Custom  2013-02-13  Currently applies to New York State only
The Tactical Toolbox  2013-02-25 
Thunder Beast Arms Corp  2013-02-22 
Tier One Arms  2013-01-15 
TJ General Store  2013-02-27  Currently applies to New York State only
Top Gun Supply  2013-02-21 
Trident Armory  2013-02-17 
Truly Tactical  2013-02-26 
Umbrella Corporation Research Group  2013-02-25 
Umlaut Industries LLC  2013-02-22 
Victory Defense  2013-02-24 
Vltor  2013-03-01 
Volquartsen Custom  2013-02-25 
Warbirds Custom Guns  2013-02-22 
West Acre Sporting Goods  2013-02-25 
West Desert Tactical  Long Standing 
West Fork Armory  2013-02-16  Currently applies to New York State only
West Michigan Tactical  2013-02-18 
Wilson Combat  2013-02-28 
Wolfpit Tactical  2013-03-02 
Wrigley Ammunition  2013-02-27 
York Arms  2013-02-01  Currently applies to New York State only

Total Companies: 120


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2 responses to “Patriot Companies

  1. Wildflower

    March 10, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    may we see more thinking and actions spead into other areas

    • The Soffitrat

      March 10, 2013 at 7:37 pm

      No arms company should sell to this government. Not as long as it is being diverted to anything other than the military. If they do, it will just come back to bite them.


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