My turn

02 Mar

I never rant on this site, but…

Well, well…  Lookie here.  Whoops!  Never mind…?  The Kenyan got his sequestration, and immediately re-nigged (excuse the pun :)) on his promise that it would create a total collapse of our civilization.  What a POS!

“…unless your business is directly related to the Defense Department, unless you live in a town that is directly impacted by a military installation, unless you’re a family that now is trying to figure out where to keep your kids during the day because you just lost a Head Start slot — a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the sequester.”  ~ the Kenyan

Head Start???  Damn!  If I’d had known that, I might have been willing to bankrupt the country, and sacrifice our children’s lives!

He spent millions and millions of our tax dollars, traveling around on Air Force 1.  Campaigning against the sequestration.  Even though it was originally his own idea! 

I want my money back!  From the Democrat Party.  Maybe a broken window or flat tire somewhere.  From his hide if necessary. Left to their own devices, they would have us all looking like their hallowed bastion, Detroit.

The guy doesn’t have an IQ.  He is not smart.  As a matter of fact, he might just be the dumbest public official we’ve ever had in government.  I mean all-time. State and Local included.  He is not only stupid, he is as crooked as a barrel full of fish hooks.

Since we won’t be going down the toilet over this 2% reduction in planned growth, I guess we can all just carry on…  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some real cuts.  With the exception of the military and Post Office (after pensions are eliminated), I’m ready for some serious 20% across- the-board cuts.  We must eliminate the Federal Reserve and prosecute those who have participated in that illegal and evil corporation.

Cap unemployment, eliminate (unconfirmed) disability, eliminate dept. of education, eliminate department of Homeland Security, eliminate ATF,  eliminate pell grants, eliminate student loans, outlaw bank bailouts, outlaw private industry bailouts, eliminate environmental grants, eliminate food stamps, scrutinize foreign aid to hostile nations, and on and on and on… infinitum…

In short.  Any program that does not return (absent speculation) to the people an equal value, or return on investment that is comparable to free market standards.

Pipe dreams, all…

I am under no illusion about the government’s plans to fail us.  To create a means to liquidate our Constitution, our wealth, our property rights, our freedoms, and our liberty.  This will occur, I believe, by this July or August.  It won’t be because of some sick joke surrounding a lousy 2% cut to our proposed spending.  Wake up people!  Quit falling for this BS.  They are just trying to play with our heads.  We will all know when it’s real.  You won’t need some skinny black bastard child, running around the country, giving stump speeches, to convince you.


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5 responses to “My turn

  1. Dannyboy53

    March 3, 2013 at 1:04 am

    When one gets to thinking about all the government give-away programs you have listed here
    (of course this list is just scratching the surface as you allude to) and not even mentioning all
    the useless wasteful and criminal spending, it’s amazing to me this country has lasted as long as it has!

    For several decades the communists have been putting in place the apparatus to bring this country to its’ knees. I believe they feel they have every thing in place, as it appears to
    me they have been really seriously applying the pressure to actually bring us down only in the past few years.

    But I can’t help but wonder, surely they could have done this sooner, why wait until now? It
    seems to me some element in their equation is missing and if so, what that is!
    Are they afraid of the armed citizens? Our Military?

    I’m convinced it is both!

    They are planning to disarm us, there is no doubt of that in the minds of many of us. THEY
    for centuries back, has taught us that. No regime wants a messy guerrilla war interfering with
    their operations. And they have done much lately to destroy our Armed Forces and create a ‘hollow shell’ of it. With budget cuts in the past and those coming up and the destruction of the morale of our honorable service members. We are losing many good people from the top on down. True, we are constantly replenishing our Forces with the type people we want and desperately need but what is the ratio there? I don’t know. Are we losing our great warriors by attrition to the point that we will be left with mindless, blind followers of the regime in the future?

    This “skinny black bastard child, running around the country, giving stump speeches, to
    convince you” is trying AWFUL HARD to convince a MINORITY of our population that what he is doing is the right thing to do. WHY?! There has been, for some time now, grumbling from his own useful idiot followers about his endless damned lying! Virtually EVERY damned word that comes out of his toad looking mouth is a LIE and a perfect example of COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA.

    Now I am not saying this regime will be an easy push over for those of us that will attempt to
    make a stand and restore our Constitutional Republic. I don’t believe any of us harbor any
    such illusion. However I do think this is a house of cards and it will fall if hit hard and often
    enough. Comrade Kenyan is building an “army” of his own! WHY?! Does he fear the U.S.
    Military? Fuckin’ A he does! There are a lot of Patriots in our ranks…it’s their nature. It’s the reason they choose to put up with 18-20 hour days, seven days a week, training and fighting in harsh environments away from their families for months and years at a time.

    God Bless ’em!

    In 1979 Russia invaded Afghanistan. A modern army with tanks, aircraft (both fixed and rotary wing) and well armed and trained infantry could NOT defeat and suppress those Afghan people armed with WWII era bolt action Lee-Enfields!! What the hell was that all about?! What made the difference?!

    Freedom loving people in a sovereign country, that were NOT going to tolerate being dictated
    to by some pot bellied vodka swilling communist shit-for-brains next door. So they kicked the cowboy shit out of their PAPER TIGER asses and sent ’em back to their side of the fence!

    If it comes to that, we’ll do the same by God.

    • Soffitrat

      March 3, 2013 at 1:17 am

      The fools got cold feet watching what took place during the Arab Spring. The military in every country defected to the side of the people. They know that they same will happen here. They don’t understand, yet, that we are not sand niggers. That many of their own will be dead within a month. The others will soon follow. They will be forced to flee for their own lives, and without their fortunes. Into exile, they will go. The lucky ones…

      That said, they will still try. They have their orders.

      I am more concerned with those behind the scenes. Soros is just one. There are others. Locating and eliminating them, and their families, will be more difficult and take more time. In some cases. It will be likened to the Nazi Hunters. We will never rest. I am also concerned with what we will come up with to quell the violence. When the bulk of the enemy is dead or behind bars. In one of OUR Fema camps.

      • Dannyboy53

        March 3, 2013 at 1:28 am

        Yep, good points all. To quell the violence. I’m assuming you mean to stop all the killing by the criminal element and those bent on death and destruction just because they enjoy it. That in itself will be a serious problem but I think is one the people should be doing NOW as far as the street gangs and these other little shit birds are concerned.

        Find Paul Kersey, or do it ourselves!

        • Soffitrat

          March 3, 2013 at 1:39 am

          I can see it now. Like Kilroy, we will have signs up everywhere! “Kersey was here”

  2. Dannyboy53

    March 3, 2013 at 1:47 am

    LOL! Yeah, if you want to find him…just follow the trail of dead parasites!


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