National Gun Registry

24 Feb

Senator Slams National Gun Registry

All of this because some nut case punk decides to hurt people.  We don’t even know if it was our own Federal Thugs.  Wanna-be tough boys.  One thing is for sure.  It is that the “higher-ups” certainly didn’t mind seeing this travesty occur.  It gave them the impetus they were looking for.  Just know this, Mr. Government.  Nobody is tough.  Not even those fellas who man the turrets for the criminals.  In fact, if they start a civil war, which they are trying to do, they will find out just how un-tough they really are.

My simple question is why?  Why would you destroy your own country?  For a job?

Gun Registry?  Just to appease a few spoiled dumbass women and queers.  The liberal students who know nothing, and their college professors who never held a real job.  The Union punks who think they are somebody anybody gives a shit about?  The tree huggers, and bambie loving nature freaks, who never went outside for days or weeks on end?  The socialist/Marxist, anti-colonialism, anti-white, anti-America, muslim monkey Kenyan, that ‘thinks’ he’s in charge?  Gun registry?  All I have to say is:

Screw You!

We’ll see you on the road to perdition.  This just galls me to no end.  I think that I shall NOT be obeying this law (either). How many of you will be?  Really?  Neither will I ever report on anyone I may sell a gun to.  This is not Hitler’s Germany, nor will it ever be. So pass your paper.  Mandate worthless, un-useful tripe.  Can a piece of paper that nobody adheres to actually be considered to be a law?  Kind of like paying taxes.  If everybody (or the majority) refused to pay their taxes, what could those who take the money actually do, but cease operations and go home?  The fiber holding our society is rapidly coming apart.  Another unintended consequence of the socialists efforts to cherry-pick what parts of our society they would crush.  There are bleed-over effects that they have not been smart enough to predict.  They can’t have it just one way.


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One response to “National Gun Registry

  1. Dannyboy53

    February 24, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Soffitrat we’re with you on this one. We have half a dozen people within a quarter of a mile of each other that has the same message for the communists gun grabbers. Day or night, at the house or on the road, all you useful idiots give it your best shot…AND FUCK YOU.


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