This! Is the problem

11 Dec

We have, in America, a supposed opposition party known to us as Republican.

RedState.comPOWERFUL CONSERVATIVE VOICES  |  Tuesday, December 11, 2012

People like the ones above who stated recently on their website the following:

“We have made a decision that we will, henceforth and forever, treat those who claim Obama won the 2012 election via shenanigans in the polling place the same way we treat troofers and birfers. We will immediately ban them. We don’t have time to shoot down these arguments every time the appear because they have been definitively refuted on many occasions. If you hold this exotic view and are feeling all butthurt, too bad.  Life isn’t fair…”

So, this group (who wishes to participate in the next Government) withdraws from the battlefield with their submissive tails between their legs. 

Research.  Find out just who these individuals are.  Remember them.  Do NOT let them escape unscathed when the SHTF, but hold them personally accountable.  Powerful Conservative voices?  That would be false advertising…


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