Well…. duhhh

07 Dec

Why don’t we let the Democrats pass whatever they want? 

“If they are the party of higher taxes, all the Republicans vote present and let the Democrats raise taxes as high as they want to raise them, let Democrats in the Senate raise taxes, let the president sign it and then make them own the tax increase. And when the economy stalls, when the economy sputters, when people lose their jobs, they know which party to blame, the party of high taxes. Let’s don’t be the party of just almost as high taxes.”

It’s about time that someone showed just a lick of common senseIt’s too bad that Boehner is a glory hound RINO, who only wants mic time.  There is no other way that the Republicans can win this thing.  Once again, they’ve allowed the Democrats to paint them into a corner.  Dumbasses that they are…  

This is the best way (the only way) to shove it back up the Dems’ asses, let the people lose what little they have left, and save this country in the process.  The Kenyan might just have to run out the back door of the Whitehouse to save his half-black skin.  Just like his brotherhood buddy in Egypt had to do the other day.  The illiterate masses in this country are too stupid to learn this lesson any other way.  They have already demonstrated their lack of IQ in these matters. 

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Posted by on December 7, 2012 in Committee of Correspondence


One response to “Well…. duhhh

  1. Wildflower

    December 8, 2012 at 1:51 am

    more taxes = more pains in one’s wallet


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