William Kristol: Bilderberger

01 Dec

William Kristol’s (Bilderberger) was Alan Keyes roommate at Harvard.  Kristol’s father, Irving Kristol, joined the Young People’s Socialist League in the 30s.  In 1953, Irving Kristol founded the magazine “Encounter” in England that was secretly being supported by the CIA.  It, for example, ran puff pieces for Fabian Socialist and Bilderberger Huge Gaitskell, head of the Labor Party.

In 1965, together with Daniel Bell, Kristol founded the “Public Interest.  This was a publication of “Freedom House.”  Bell belonged to the Young Socialist League and the League for Industrial Democracy which had been named the Intercollegiate Socialist Society.  Like Kristol, Bell was subsidized by the CIA through an organization called the Congress for Cultural Freedom of which Bell was a leader.

Irving Kristol’s partner Daniel Bell has suggested that we do away with State boundaries and most local government.  That is not surprising since he was a member of the Institute for Amercian Democracy, an offshoot of the ADL.  Daniel Bell is a CFR member.  For ten years Bell had worked for Brotherhood of Death member (Skull and Bones & CFR) Henry C. Luce at one of his magazines, Fortune.  In 1969, Irving Kristol was made the Henry R. Luce professor at New York University.

George Field ran the Freedom House which published Kristol and Bell’s, The Public Interest.  Field was chairman of the Rand School for Social Science which was owned by the American Socialist Society.  It was financed by the Garland Fund which keep many Communist projects going.  Freedom House’s Bookshelf Program was run by Rex Stout who previously published New Masses, a Communist Weekly. Nelson Rockefeller directly gave Irving Kristol $100,000 through his Commission on Critical Choices for just 15 short essays.

Irving’s son, William Kristol did make it big time, he is a member of the Bilderberger group.  William Kristol is being promoted by Newsweek as one of the top three strategists of the GOP.  He launched a weekly magazine called the Standard and is backed financially by Ruppert Murdock.  He appears regularly on Faux News.

Kristol is assembling the next generation of socialists on behalf of the NWO.  The Kristol’s have plotted for two decades under the disarming word, “neo-conservative.”  William Kristol ran Alan Keyes’ 1988 Senate Campaign in Maryland.


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4 responses to “William Kristol: Bilderberger

  1. Dannyboy53

    December 1, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    And so the plot thickens! It is easier to understand Bill Kristol when one knows that the elder Kristol, years ago, was a “Trotskyite”, (remember Leon Trotsky, Lenin’s buddy?). When the elder Kristol started in business much of the financing was received from socialist or communist backers. So we can see where the younger Kristol gets his idea of a strong central government. They have been described as neo-conservative which in my opinion, the definition is simply…a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Another well known example of a neo-conservative is Marco Rubio, we’ll hear more from him at a later time. I can’t help but think, without proof, that he is being “groomed” for bigger and better things. But now I’m getting off topic!

    Back to Bill Kristol…he is NOT one of “us”!

  2. soffitrat

    December 1, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    I agree. I think that he’s demonstrated that now.

    • Dannyboy53

      December 2, 2012 at 1:14 am

      The best I can say for him is, he’s fairly smart from a business standpoint…for a turd.

  3. soffitrat

    December 2, 2012 at 2:18 am

    Yeah. Too smart …by half.


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