Like the election yet?

07 Nov

Now that we re-elected the Kenyan national (the guy who refuses to let the nation know where he was born, or how he obtained his social security card, or citizenship, or much of anything about himself), it is time for you to realize why we voted.  The best lesson to help you understand will be a nice economic collapse.  Many on the blogs will be the first ones to succumb, to give up when his men show up at your doors to collect.  The time to talk big is over with.  It’s time to face the piper. 

Didn’t vote?  Don’t worry.  Just don’t show up around here.  Voted for the Kenyan?  Damn sure don’t show up.  When you are starving or disarmed, you will do what they want. 

Next Up for the Markets. The Fiscal Cliff?

“I clearly thought that a status quote election was negative.  We’ve had business confidence falling sharply. We’ve had capital spending contract. You can see it in the performance of tech stocks and industrials and in corporate earnings, and I think this is a negative outcome.”  said Barry Knapp, head of equity portfolio strategy at Barclays.“

According to the article, the fiscal cliff is the dual expiration of Bush-era tax cuts and the beginning of automatic spending cuts that take place starting Jan. 1 if there is no action by Congress. The spending cuts were agreed as part of the Congressional compromise on the debt ceiling and were viewed as so onerous that they would force Congress to act.

“The market is going down. The market does not want another four years of Obama. It does not want these tax hikes on a fragile economy.  We have an economy that’s barely staying above recession. Europe’s problems are deepening. Now we have the prospect of higher taxes.”  said Peter Boockvar, Miller Tabak strategist.

The U.S. was downgraded by Standard and Poor’s after the debt ceiling battle in August, 2011, when Congress failed to take major steps to address the country’s fiscal problems. There is concern that the failure to find a path to tackle the fiscal issues will result in another downgrade of the U.S. credit rating.

As Congress struggles with the cliff, the Fed will continue its easing programs.  “Gold is hanging in because Bernanke will keep doing it,” said Boockvar. “With Obama, it’s still certainly a green light.”

So, we will have tax hikes like we’ve never seen before.  The Kenyan will approve the pipeline.  His friends need a new revenue stream to pack into their already deep pockets.  Corporations will be limited on how much they can pay their top executives.  The government will control everything.  Don’t forget how good healthcare use to be.  Utilities will finally (and necessarily) rise as the Kenyan predicted in 2008.  Gasoline prices will resume their upward trends now that the election is determined.  Oh!  So will gold and silver.  Markets will crash.  201K’s will be reduced to 101K’s.  The retirement, or any hope of retirement, is soon to be gone.  Putin will get what he wants, and your President promised.  The Iranians will develop their bomb and begin to hold the world hostage.  China will soon go to war with Japan over those damned islands.  The PIIGS, including will begin defaulting.  France will join them, as the EU collapses.  Our government will be shut down over the debt limit increase, but the Kenyan will get his way.  Executive Orders will replace your Congress and you will get a full blown dictator.   He will send someone over to your house to pick up your guns.  But then, this is only the beginning.  It’s time to be celebrating right now.  Relax and go have some fun.  You have gotten what you deserve.  2013 is shaping up to be quite a year.  Assuming that you make it that long.

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  1. Wildflower

    November 7, 2012 at 11:59 am

    good blog!


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