Talking Shit

02 Nov

What will we learn in four short days?

It appears as though the coward-in-chief is hiding behind his advisors.  His political advisors.  He doesn’t have anyone in the DOD he can trust.  He’s just not sure, whether those individuals are true America haters or not.  There is treachery going on behind the scenes in his administration.  Faced with Hillary’s Benghazi and his failure to act like anything more than a Community Organizing pimp, liar, and thief, he now has the storm in NYC area, where the fat fuck Christie kissed his skinny ass.  Still, he left his own people to the mercy of the elements to return to the campaign trail, where he continues to fall behind.

Many are forecasting pandemonium if he loses.  Some are even talking shit.  Threatening revolution and violence.  That would be most unfortunate for them.  For those who would try to disrupt the workers, the taxpayers, of this nation.  Whether it be blacks, unions, environmental wackos, or just liberal homosexuals.  It would not turn out well for them to begin something they could not rein back in and violence, once started, will not stop until they are all hunted down and killed.  The people already know who most of them are.  Where they live, and where they work.  They are already vulnerable.  Very vulnerable.

There is so much hatred of them by those who still have to work to put food on their table.  Those who do not get Government handouts like the Dotheads or Ragheads get to fund new businesses.  Those who, unlike the wetbacks, have to actually pay for their child births and surgical procedures.  Those who actually play by the rules, work and pay taxes (getting robbed) to a Government that cares nothing for them.  Those who, if they get caught not paying those extortion payments to the mafia government, will be prosecuted and sent to prison, while Democrats like John Corzine (who stole 1.5 Billion dollars of his depositors money and was not prosecuted) eats lobster today.  Those who try to hold the ethical ‘high ground’.   Much of the aid being sent to the Kenyan’s supporters “Up Northwould cease pretty quickly if, in the next few days, the S does HTF.  Thereby leaving those people without the aid they need to survive.  Those Sheeple cannot survive on a good day without their Federal Teet.   They damn sure won’t last too much longer under the current duress.  This could get ugly.  Much uglier than it already is.  Stop burning up ammunition at the range and start hoarding it.   From this day forward, remain vigilant at all times. 


Posted by on November 2, 2012 in Sons of Liberty


2 responses to “Talking Shit

  1. Wildflower

    November 3, 2012 at 2:07 am

    to be president of the nation

    is a big money maker on whom wins

    poor joe and jane can go to hell because they are disposable

    not like the “important people” whom “run things”

    so the bloody circus goes on

    save your ammo for when they release the zombie clown act

    • The Soffitrat

      November 3, 2012 at 11:18 am

      Yep. And with the stupidity of people (especially young people) it won’t be too hard for them to release the dogs. or monkeys, or whatever they are these days. Fortunately, we are in a part of the country that will protect (for the most part) each other. That is not to say that the known Democrats won’t have to be dealt with. But they are few, and if not black, are elderly. So that will be an easy task.


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