Israel’s greatest gamble?

23 Oct

In light of the fact that the wheels have officially come off of the Kenyan train to hell, will the Chicago mobsters offer Israel the ‘go ahead’, ‘green light’, ‘clearance’ to move on Iran?  Will they (have they) assure Israel of U.S. support in a preemptive strike on Iran?  Better yet, will Israel weigh this seriously as their best, and last, chance to hit their arch-rivals?  Will Israel decide to take the Kenyan up on this offer?  Their only other option will be to wait, on the assumption they will receive the same conditions from the Romney administration.  What would you do if you were running Israel?  I think we know.  We all might just find out, soon, what their decision will be. 

We have a mobster administration, with a spastic foreign policy, in its death throes.  An American administration in its last stage of life.  Is this why Russia, Iran, and China have been so quiet lately?  Are they waiting to find out what come next too?  Either way, no matter what this group of thieves has in mind, we are watching history being made.

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