16 Oct

France is next. 

Prepare America.  You are about to bail out an even larger country.  Since they can no longer operate their own country, having failed miserably, France and the ECB will soon be quantifying their quantifying.  That said, it will soon become evident to Europe’s banksters that even they cannot print enough Euros to sustain the second largest member state.  The Germans will surely balk at this prospect.  Thus, faced with a fiscal cliff of their own, those banker crooks will be forced to reach out to you and I.  They will look across the Atlantic to America for their sustenance.  They will be forced to beg our own Federal Reserve for help.  And Helicopter Ben and Timmy Geithner will be more than happy to help.  After all, they already know that they have a date with the hangman.  Their only hope is to create so much chaos that they might effect their own personal escape in the melee to come.

'Mediocre' Francois Hollande gets back to work

To learn more about the new Socialist of the Year, François Holland, read here.   It appears as though France is about to lose control of every business in that nation.  They simply cannot, or will not, afford to pay the criminal’s 75% tax rate.  While our people might have a pending date, Holland has a date of his own.  With the guillotine.   Look at him now.  He won’t be around too much longer.

Know that when France fails, we won’t be too far behind.  When Romney mentions that we will look like Greece, he is not kidding.  If you have lately been lax.  If you’ve been sitting back waiting.  If you’ve started to become distracted by anything at all.  Think again.  You had better start making up.  Rebuild tribal ties.  Even if it means forgiveness or admitting fault.  Begin preparing again.  Your very lives may depend on it.  With a renewed determination, Prepare


Posted by on October 16, 2012 in Committee of Correspondence


2 responses to “France

  1. Wildflower

    October 17, 2012 at 12:52 am

    just watch and wait….. soon


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